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  1. Hi out there im Dragathar from Germany. I own a AW M17x R4 and an AW15. Came here because of troubles with BIOS / Graphiccard issues on my M17. But in the last 2 Day i learned alot from the Posts. Hopefully i will be able to Help some one as good as you do with all your custom BIOS and driver support etc.
  2. Still WoW Addicted. resent Addon is pretty nice. With the end of BC my Raiding ambitions died. But Legion ist really mind changing we started rebuilding our Guild and its great
  3. I use an G700S and for me its the best mouse i ever had. had a few Razers (naga, imperator, naga hex). But the G700s fits better, got alot of extra buttons and its cordless but you can charge easy with the normal cord an keep playing.
  4. Hopefully as soon as i get promoted that fixes my issue statet in an other thread. is there something to prepare for trying to flash the unlocked version?
  5. Hi, last Friday the Videocard (AMD Radeon HD 7970M) died. So i Bought a new one (HD8970M). Wednesday it arrieved. i installed it. Installed newest AMD driver. seems to Work. So I started Playing some WoW. After an half Hour I recognized that its getting really hot because the GPU Fan didn't move. Tried new BIOS (A12) other Driver. Unistalled all Drives via Display driver Uninstaller. than i found that with HWInfo I can Set Fans Manual (works well). But now there is no way i get the Graphiccard working again. in BIOS it says "Discrete Graphic: Not detected". I removed the GPU and reinstalled it. bootet -> BIOS says "discrete Graphic: ATI GFX" -> reboot to Windows -> no Graphic card in System manager (except Intelhd4000) AMD driver says: no AMD installed. Reboot -> bios -> "Discrete Graphic: Not detected". Retried all of this with no AMD driver installed. in Systemmanager there is "Standard-VGA-device) -> installed driver -> no graphic driver installed. (tried another BIOS A11) same issues Please are there some hints? i would try the Unlocked BIOS but i can't download it right now because of Pre-Promotion
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