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  1. Dual 970s in my opinion is the best price to performance choice since a single gtx980 costs double the price of a single 970
  2. woodzstack Is a reliable supplier on eBay He's trusted by many people on the forum and I recommend you can't act him for help with mobile GPUs
  3. It's probably a normal unit Maybe you could change the thermal paste and fan curve to suit the temps ur getting using msi afterburner If you need any help with either Email me at aliturk00@hotmail.com
  4. I'd recommend the evga 970 acx ftw edition since it gives a lot of performance for the price as well as good overclocking headroom I can say this as I am running dual gtx 980 acx sc edition and was able to get them above 1530mhz
  5. I'm running dual gtx 980s from evga and I'm building a system for my friend using the 970 In my opinion, the average gamer won't use more than 3.5 even on games like bf4 on high settings If you're on a budget or one of your friends are, I would recommend this card since its half the price of the 980 but stuff provides a lot of performance
  6. I have no experience flashing a gpu vbios But why would you flash a laptop gpu Does it help with performance and stability Since with desktops you can have full control on the overclock
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