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  1. Is there any specific version of the GTX 970 that you guys prefer for overclocking and performance? I don't care about the size of the card because I have a big case. I've been looking at different models but I'm just not sure.
  2. I just purchased this router for my dad! I always reccomend Asus routers to my customers even though they're a bit more expensive. Plus it comes with a two year warranty! Asus really has their together with their wireless equipment..
  3. If the drivers dont work for you it might be worth it to check out the antenna connections and possibly the wires to the wifi antenna if youre very committed. I had this problem and ended up having to warranty out my laptop due to the wifi antenna being defective. Good luck to you!
  4. I hackintoshed my y510p and it went over pretty well . Only the wifi and the brightness dont work. Surprisingly, the intel bluetooth chip does actually work so you can always tether to a phone in a pinch!
  5. If this were possible it could make these laptops ultra powerful! The ultrabay is just a glorified pci express slot, isn't it?
  6. This happened to me as well after I installed windows for the first time. Eventually I just bought a big SSD and saved the m.2 for a bigger pc..
  7. My name is kyouten and this is me introducing myself. - - - Updated - - - All i ever wanted to do is flash the bios on my laptop, and thanks to this forum, I can now do exactly that. But this forum requires a little keyboard labor in exchange for a download-capable account. Thats ok though. Nice forum!
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