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  1. ive been trying to overclock my FX-4130 in my HTPC just for alittle more performance and i cant seem to get it stable at any thing above stock, ive overclocked cpus before and ive never had this much trouble getting it to be stable, i set it at 4ghz and 1.50v and it gives error and fails in prime95. temps are 39c under full load (on a h100i) every thing is fine i got a good corsair 550w psu pretty decent motherboard im not sure what else to try, any ideas?in the end id like to get 4.2ghz stable. but i don't think its going to happen
  2. i also have an MSI GT60 with a GTX870M 3gb which bios do i need for it to be unlocked and preoverclocked, my temps are great at stock so i think i got plenty of overhead id like to get a bit more performance out of this laptop
  3. i use silenx and corsair, i really like silenx because they are completely silent and push a good amount of air, they dont look that great but they work fantastic, i have 5 of them in my HTPC and i cannot hear it, i have Corsair Air Series 120mm fans in my desktop, they are pretty loud. i will probably replace them soon i may try enermax
  4. or better yet is it possible to maybe flash a modded unlocked bios onto this 870m? only ones i can find are for clevo and sager, id like to get one that has clocks already set, i cant seem to get any thing stable under the +135 limit on my GT60
  5. 0001

    24" vs 27"

    to be honest, i bought an LG 27inch coming from a 24inch AOC, and i took the 27inch back i could barely tell a difference in the size between the two, id put the extra into a better 24inch or save up alittle more and get a 29inch ultra wide,
  6. Desktop/main 2x X5570 xeons 16gb 1333 ddr3 ram MSI GTX970 corsair CX750m win 8.1 Laptop MSI GT60 i7-4810mq GTX870M @stock(for now) 8gb adata ddr1600 samsung 840 250gb ssd win 8.1 Server asrock J1900 ITX 4gb hyper x ram 3x 2tb hdds adata 64gb os SSD lian li pc-q08b case debian 8 HTPC FX4130 @ 4.8ghz H100i 4gb gskill ripjaw 1866 HD7750@stock PNY XLR8 120gb ssd win 8.1 im in the process of building a new server to run a starbound server on, i have to many computers lol
  7. im looking to upgrade the video card in my MSI GT60, i know it can be done easily but is it worth it going from a 3gb 870m to a 970m? i know i can sell my old card for a decent lump sum, but trying to find a website that has the 970m for less than $700 i honestly dont trust buying it off ebay from china seems risky for something id be dropping 700 bucks on
  8. i currently own an MSI 970 and i love it, it runs super cool, its silent at 100% fan, the fans hardly ever spin up at all, and i have yet to hit the 3.5gb thing closest i think i have came is 3gb in metro last light. i wish i could get another one for SLI but i might sell it and upgrade to a 980Ti when it comes out
  9. hi i have a workstation i built that has two xeon X5570s and a GTX 970, i use it for gaming and video editing and VMs was just wondering if id see much of an improvement going to 6 core X5670s and if it would be worth the price($240)? i currently have no problem playing games maxed out 1080p at 60fps plus but it struggles with some VMs and video editing in areas,
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