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  1. Hi !! When you put a overclock mod, its more probably that your computer broker the hard disk or other part?
  2. Solraknauj

    [Mod] Voltage increase Nvidia GT 555M

    I have GT 555M, with, 1.5gb ram. How can i have a better gamer computer? I put 16gb ram and i change my HDD 7200rpm for SSD. I´m waiting for probe the mod for SATA III.
  3. Hi !!! Which is the best SSD for my alienware m14x r1? I think that the best option is the Samsung Evo 850 pro, its true? Thanks
  4. Solraknauj

    is 16GB possible in an M14xR1??

    I put 16gb 1600mhz corsair vengence (2x8gb), i saw that my alienware m14x r1 put me that run 800mhz, this is normal?
  5. Hi !! Im from Spain, and i working here. I found this forum for take a solution with my Alienware m14x r1, with the "problem" with Sata II. Im waiting for take 5 posts (but i saw that i have 0), for probe the solution.
  6. Solraknauj

    What music are you listening to right now?

    i listen now, mago de oz - el paseo de los tristes
  7. Solraknauj

    What is your favorite tv-shows?

    The walking dead !!
  8. Solraknauj

    Favorite TV Shows / Newsgroups Discussion

    The walking dead !!
  9. Solraknauj

    Favorite MMO?

    Of course, Wow !!
  10. Solraknauj

    VR (Oculus, Vive & co.) Will you buy it?

    No, maybe in the future
  11. Solraknauj

    What movies have you seen lately?

    Mad Max: Fury Road

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