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  1. one question i cant pass 210mhz + on core clock, beyond that the system crash, any advise to get more oc, i have a 180 psu and i hear someone he can get above 1450 mhz on the core clock. the temps are max 70-75. nvidia inspector: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w2k3774ktlky805/Captura2.PNG?dl=0 My specs Alienware 15 r1 gtx 970m 3 gb i7 4710hq 16gb ram
  2. Hi @Klem I am looking for a mod oc vbios for a gtx 970m 3gb for my alienware r1 15, if you could help i would appreciated. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fu2jl4e7805dp9e/AAAP84wCUMFjuWp2zePkuQRja?dl=0
  3. vrian- I use a this tutorial just put the next on the search bar : Lenovo Y400 / Y500 - unlocked BIOS / wlan whitelist mod
  4. bad for me the oldest driver for gtx 1050 ti is 375.63, so i think there is no hope for fix it s:
  5. Can you tell the steps you did do it for make work a egpu on this model i have the same but with a gtx 1050 ti i cant make work, error code 43 show up all the times. (please).
  6. I did that to for each port and nothing am testing with a 60 inch tv plasma, do you thing maybe is de tv the problem? am conecting via HDMI
  7. I dont think is the hot plug thing por fix this, look i thing i have enable , and am already mod de bios because lenovo have whitelist using a tuto from this comunnity. another idea to fix it s:
  8. So this just work for that particular laptop model right, i have a lenovo y400 and seems that nothing work at this time for me.
  9. Can you tell me how do you do it (steps please), i just unistall drivers with DDU and then after restart a do a clean install of driver 375.95, restart after that and nothing still show de code 43 error. One thing that i saw is the laptop installing again the gt 750m driver, and the gtx 1050 ti appears too but with de warning icon how can this happen if am using the nvidia driver desktop for the gtx 1050 ti, Since it can happen if before this i unistall all the drivers (sorry for me english). specs: lenovo y400 i7 3630qm gt 750m
  10. Abdul-Jakul - do you have the same card gtx 1050 ti? and fix it with 375.95 driver
  11. One more question I have Windows 10 on my lenovo Y400'll have a problem when performing flash bios mod 2.04, the programs you download here are supported?
  12. someone could just plug and play driver only the egpu either sonne or Akitio via thundebolt on a macbook pro or macbook air, or necessary either 1.x or the dsdt setup to install the egpu?
  13. Lenovo y400 Os Windows 10 pro nvidia gt 750m 2 gb ddr5 dgpu intel hd 4000 igpu 1 Tb HDD 1 msata 64 gb 1 Tb HDD via ultrabay i7 3630qm
  14. i have y400 lenovo and this appear on device manager , what will be my TOLUD.
  15. can i use the port mpcie network card instead of using the thunderbolt port for the egpu? all in order to save money because the Akitio 2 and Sonne are a bit expensive? for macbook pro
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