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  1. Error 43 usually occurs when u have gpu driver higher than 327.70 i assume u already know how to use ddu. Clean uninstall all driver then reinstall 327.70 nvidia driver.
  2. I see that makes @TechManAsh because throughout the entire week i kinda notice the game would only crash whenever im turning on or off my air conditioning and other electrical appliance. I thought it was the gpu driver clashing with each other that creates the problem and fortunately after a fresh reinstall of gpu driver the problem went away. Might have to do more observation. but thank you for the reply it has been very insightful and i might change to pe4c v3.0 once i have gathered enough war fund. Being a student is hard on the war fund already tho lol.
  3. hi everyone im new here and i've been scouring and found no forum that has the same situation and problem or it might just be me not searching hard enough im using lenovo ideapad y400 V8.0 EXP GDC Beast Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock (attached using mpci-e to hdmi) 550W external power supply gtx 1060 3gb windfast leadtek when i first installed about a month ago it was running without a hitch and now suddenly whenever im playing games, the screen would go black and it would minimize the game with prompt saying "the display driver has recovered" im not sure what is the problem since i've made a few test using furmark and heaven to stress test the rig but it just ran fine, this only happens when im playing games or doing any 3d related works, so anybody with the same problem or is the hardware failing?
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