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  1. I'm also trying to get TB3->TB1/2 adapter, but it seems they are nowhere to be found. Still nothing on Akitio's site and last i spoke to Startech they said that it would be available for retailers in May 2016. Guess I'll have to put my laptop update on hold until such and adapter arrives. Does anyone know of someone else making such an adapter?
  2. Try disabling the dGPU for starters. Create a restore point before you do it. So that if it fails, you can either boot in to safe mode or use that restore point to recover As I haven't messed around with Optimus alot, I don't know if you can choose the Optimus device within the nvidia settings? Maybe someone else can answer this Did running the the integrated.bat for the gpu-switch fix the problem you had changing the brightness?
  3. MSVCR120.dll is a part of the Visual C++ Redistributable 2013. Download it here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784 -> You might need to install both x86 and x64 Try installing those and run the gpu-switch again, then report back to me with the results :-)
  4. @pizzacat -> You linked to this thread from the other thread saying there would "steps"? Where is the steps/guide to get this working? @Dschijn -> Did you manage to get it to working? I remember you were trying to disable the dGPU only to run on the iGPU like me, but we ended up with the "idle cpu usage bug".
  5. Are you running Windows 10 and what is the cpu usage % at when idle?
  6. Last time I looked at this I got it working, but under Windows 10 it kept having some CPU load and I couldn't figure out why. I eventually ended up just reverting back the the 750M as I always have external monitors connected to the eGPU.
  7. Replying to my own question. Resintalled the Bootcamp drivers! Sleep is now working again Seems like Windows 10 works a 100% unless you have the iGPU and need Optimus.
  8. @juniordiscart Just did the Win10 clean install and all things seems to be great. Only 1 issue remaining - my Macbook can't "sleep"... Shutdown, Restart and Hibernate are there, but no sleep. Are you able to sleep on your Macbook? If so, it might be a local problem. Otherwise it's gotta be the Bootcamp driver...
  9. Perfect! What guide did you use to enable the iGPU and do you have a guide for the undoing as well? Thanks for all the info so far
  10. Looks like I will skip messing with the iGPU for now then. When you did the clean install, did you just boot the Windows 10 installer, then format the Win 8.1 partition and installed Win 10 on that?
  11. Did you run the the iGPU setup before Win10? How's the heat on the chassis of the Macbook compared to the dGPU when running with the eGPU? I've heard when using the iGPU instead of the dGPU it should be generating less heat - whats your exprience? Do you have the thread for the discussion about Windows 10 and iGPU stealing CPU power?
  12. What are the problems regarding the GPU's? I haven't read about any problems regarding the dGPU/iGPU anywhere. Also, if you don't have any problems with your MBPr, then I'm comfident I won't either as I have the exact same model (MBPr mid 2014 + 750M and 512GB SSD). Perfect info on the battery. Must be around the same as Win 8.1 then I really should look into disable that dGPU though as the iGPU uses a lot less power. And great to hear Bluetooth is working flawlessly! Think I might go for a clean install of Win10 in the weekend then - YAY!
  13. So it seems like a clean Windows 10 install works with the MBPr Mid 2014 without any major issues! If you could do the battery test I would be really happy as that is the only thing holding me back from Windows 10 right now Also, regarding Bluetooth? Can't you just connect your phone to your Macbook via bluetooth? That should tell if it works or not. Just discovering it would be verifying bluetooth is working. Thanks for the answers once again
  14. Thanks for the awesome in-detail reply Another thing I've read about regarding the SSD is that it dosen't power down when Windows idles. Have you noticed anything unusual there? Usually there will be some event logs... The battery concern was also related to the above. Both the sleep/hibernate issues, but also the lack of powering down the SSD when Windows i idle. If you don't mind. Could you unplug the Macbook at 100% charge and browse for 10-20 minutes and the read the percentage/time left? I'm really concerned about my battery as I'm very mobile in my daily work That was quite easy if it just removing the folders. How about your bluetooth/wifi, any problems there? Also, does the keyboard and screenbacklight buttons work as Win 8.1 and how about the bootcamp trayicon and its features? Thanks in advance for the answer
  15. Som questions: 1. I've read some Macbook Pro Models have "lockups" with the SSD unable to enter sleep mode? Have you exprienced any of this? Also, have you monitored/checked the eventlog for any errors? 2. What's your normal laptop-only battery life like compared to Win 8.1? 3. How did you strip the bootcamp installer from the Nvidia driver? Thanks for the answers
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