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  1. My y500 seemed to give me a black screen if 1 of the 4gb ram sticks weren't seated properly, I got it to turn on after reseating and it only showed 1 4gb stick not two so I reseated again and now cannot get anything except a black screen, tried 1 stick tried switching them ect ect even tried another stick from another laptop , didn't work. It boots , fan spins it idles down my egpu fans aswell . I can even control the back light of the keyboard, but only a black screen on both my egpu and laptop screen. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  2. Installed my egpu (PE4L 3.0 I think) , got it working (6970) but some games are slower with it than my onboard gpu (GT650M) . I ran 3dmark and scored 2k more than my onboard gpu, all good there. I ran Space engineers and got 5-10 less FPS. Same with battlefront. I disabled the nvidia gpu in my device manager and the entire system slowed down, browsing the web ect all slowed down with the 650m disabled. Another strange thing is when I disabled it my laptop screen still worked.( it did flash after it was disabled, but still worked) Any Ideas? I didn't want to remove the nvidia drivers entirely because I still carry my laptop to school with me. Laptop is a lenovo y500 with an i5 3230m
  3. I have a Lenovo y500 with a gt650m and can get an r7 350 from a friend for cheap, will directx12 cards work with a pe4l adapter?
  4. I have the modded bios installed which allows my y500 to overclock the GPU but is there anyway I can overclock the little i5? I'm not paying to 100+ to upgrade to the i7 , I'll just invest in my desktop if it needs to come to that. tried the intel extreme overclocking utility but to no avail.
  5. I can't believe manufacturers aren't putting the GPU in a dock and using mobile ones on the laptop itself. Upgrade-able, still have a desktop gpu and it keeps the portability of a laptop . Asus is on the right track with the watercooling dock but I would be worried about leaks.
  6. You need a custom bios to unlock it, no other way around it. You can try to put in a request here http://forum.techinferno.com/general-notebook-discussions/4635-bios-vbios-modification-request-thread-svl7.html . I couldn't find a modded bios either.
  7. It will likely make the Cpu/gpu run hotter. I would advise against it. If you think about it , it may block the heat from the keyboard but it will keep it at the cpu. Try this first, Lenovo Y50 Cooling mod - 10c | NotebookReview . If that doesn't help THEN TRY the tape. Atleast this way the cooling system will have some extra oompf to rid itself of the heat you are throwing back at it.
  8. You are going to need to upgrade to an r2 motherboard, that's 150-200 right there. Two better gpu's can go well over 400, maybe 600, a new cpu is around 150, you're gonna need more ram too, so another 40. That's 740-1000 for the same laptop. You COULD , sell the m18x for 800 atleast , then with the other 1000, get a new alienware with the graphics amplifier for 1700 (m17x) You will need a desktop gpu though. I suppose you can add it after as the 970m should hold you over for a while. More power, better battery life and a desktop gpu.
  9. I believe the y500 should support up to 32gb, use the kingston for the OS as it will be the fastest, if you can just use the msata for simple file storage and the secondary/primary for VM's, The msata only supports up to 3gb/s
  10. I got an alienware m15x(with a 460m) off ebay to fix up and now I'm in love with gaming on a laptop (I travel alot). I don't like how bulky it is though and it is a little too flashy to bring to school, not to mention the weight. I was thinking of getting a g73jh or jw off ebay for about 350. Since they have MXM slots I could either upgrade to a 6970 or 660 respectively correct? I don't mind modding the heatsink and vbios flashing seems straight forward provided I can find the files. Is there anything else with a mxm slot ? There isn't a 15in with a mxm slot is there?
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