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  1. Anyone knows what the new high sierra apple eGPU will mean for us ? Anyone testing the beta ? Im guessing they will limit it to TB3 but it might work with older TB with minor tweak ? Looks like fun
  2. Can anyone recommend an alternative to a gtx 970 from AMD ? Only requirements would be: - Dell DA2 powered - Fanless mode on idle Thank you
  3. Can someone please advice me on the following. I currently have a mid 2012 MBPr TB1 with GTX970 on DA2 and 10.12.2 1 ) I would like to change my laptop and I am bidding on an iris only 2015 TB2 because I had enough of dGPU and I am having big crashes and various issues with automatic graphic switching. Is this a good idea ? 2 ) I was also thinking of tackling the web driver / update issue with Nvidia. As I understand AMD cards do not need additional drivers like Nvidia ? Can anyone recommend an AMD card with similar wattage for my DA2 that is also silent (fan off) on idle ? Any feedback would be very helpful Thank you
  4. No response meaning netflix or amazon work in safari for everyone else ? can someone confirm please; I would love to solve that bug
  5. I don't think it has been discussed before but has anyone managed to get amazon player or netflix play from safari on EGPU ? 10.12.1 / gtx 970 / TB1 / MBPRD 10.1 I am getting HDCP errors since as long as I can remember it has never worked and I had to use chrome or firefox. safari bug ? Any input would be appreciated.
  6. OMG I learnt something !!!!! got my egpu working by forcing the script to install from url for anyone just append -url and paste the url to the previous driver good day
  7. Ha yes you're right about fcpx and OpenCL. maybe a fcpx bug then.. about the T/C goalque posted in this thread earlier a link to kext editing being prohibited. Also pretty sure Apple would not see Nvidia's script well as it would go against their hideous commercial tactics to enable people to "hack" their machines and put their own GPU instead of buying their inflated prices. The latest TB3 lock shows their cards in my opinion. I could be wrong but I think that mostly depends on their relations with apple and if they plan to win back the contract for future products. Nvidia web driver support has always been unnoficial regarding apple and I noticed that OS X does not appear on the list automatically now; you need to select other OS. probably nothing but worth noting I think so I would not get my hopes too high on that. Best would be a fork from 0.98 maintained by someone who can pickup the pieces.. This script is amazing to people who have very limited coding knowledge and it should never be stopped because it enables a wide range of people to access egpu and it also represents a lot of efforts and hope from a very active and passionate community where a lot of people have put small pieces at a time for a long time and as MVC pointed the script is not all of Goalque's findings so it kinda represents the entire community too. I really hope goalque has a change of heart but looks like his mind is set on his new project. I find the entire situation a waste of something really great. I hope @MVC can do it ? or someone else eventually... I don't have enough coding knowledge unfortunately it would take me months to just begin to fully understand what is in the script and first I would have to figure out which language lol so that says about my skills on the subject. Still no driver update for me and no egpu under Sierra latest build. I get the error below. Anyone knows why it is not able to find and modify another driver ? No web driver yet available for build [16B2659]. This script can download and modify the older package [367.15.10.15f03] (y/n)? y No web driver found for OS X 10.12.1. Web driver not found. Nvidia may have changed their web driver search service.
  8. anything that runs on your display connected to the ogpu is accelerated. the lid does not matter. If it works when the lid is closed then good but I never tried. not sure about cuda and fcpX so can't really help here but if it is recognised by OS X then try updating cuda to the latest version ?
  9. Your egpu is used for the external monitor connected to it only the dgpu is here and cannot be disabled under osx. I think it can be used for the internal monitor and not sure about cuda applications but I don't see why you could not use both. bluetooth is rubbish so don't worry about that unfortunately apple legal policies will probably prevent them to write that script but since they chose AMD for their latest lineup they might do it anyway I hope. That would certainly give them an edge. Now if someone can answer the golden question of why apple is making it harder for us with their new tb3 barrier I would love to hear that madness. They are going backward
  10. You cannot disable the dgpu under OS X unfortunately :(( Been looking for the same thing for a long time. It can be disabled under windows.
  11. @Hedge Thanks for the infos; that confirms that this situation makes no sense; all that it is achieving is going backwards... @MVC would you continue the script if you have so much knowledge ? I have zero programming knowledge; I just understand basic concepts about it so I can't carry the flame instead... What language is required ? I really do not want to go back to manual modifications days.. If anyone can help; I remember the script being able to download and modify a previous driver if there is no current driver however while the script gives me the option it says it can't find any alternative driver to download... :/ Anyone could shed some light on that ?
  12. looks like he changed his username... anyway what a pity to abandon such a project for obscure reasons... stopping will not stop bison.. back to El Capitan for me probably but I'll wait for the new driver release b4 to try sierra; what are the chances that the script gets broken ? Hopefully someone picks up the maintenance from 0.98? can someone explain me how the new project is better if you still need the script ?
  13. @goalque is there a way to run just the kext patching part of the script ? edit: tried the -skipdriver and it seems to do it however doesn't work on my fresh Sierra install.
  14. @Mark Looking forward to see your results I also realized that Akitio has released a TB3 version of the thunder box. Called Thunder3. Probably wise to upgrade to that if you want to avoid bottleneck https://www.akitio.com/expansion/thunder3-pcie-box What is the theory for getting a Node to work on OSX with @goalque script ? Could not find any info searching the forum Should we negotiate a group order ? I would love to get one of those cheaper
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