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  1. rechecked the card, unplugged replug and make sure its secured, and yet its still happening. out of ideas what else that is causing this.
  2. nica_ro: yeap. thats the one. not sure if im the only one thats having this problem, as i see others using it doesnt seem to be having this issue
  3. not sure if anyone has came across this before. i've installed the hacked 2.04 bios, and installed the intel ac7260 card. installation of the bios is fine, installed the drivers for the intel wifi card, and rebooted. some how the wireless doesnt work, i mean its like there is no wifi adapter installed. so i rebooted again. second reboot works fine. after shutting down the laptop, removed the power adapter and booted up the machine again from coldboot. the same issue happens, no wireless. reboot and it works again. i was running windows 7 at that time. after a couple of days with the issue re occuring, i formatted the laptop and installed a fresh copy of windows 8.1. still doesnt fix the problem. from cold boot, will not detect wireless, its as though there is no wireless adapter installed. will need to reboot again then only can detect.
  4. i've been tryin to find the recovery for ages, seems like all the other 8.1 iso doesnt work on my laptop. do you still have the exact name of the file you downloaded? (or the torrent name?)
  5. akarsan

    Y500 WiFi Card

    switching to AC would definitely help in terms of speed, range wise it may improve, however it still depends on where the router is located and if there is inteference inbetween (i.e wall, other wifi signals running on the same channels) correct me if im wrong, but as far as i know there is too many other wifi running on the same channel, there will be inteference and drops quite frequently
  6. i think it depends on region, i got mine from malaysia and i too didnt have the SSD cache drive, spoke to the seller and showed them on the lenovo website that it does include the 16gn ssd drive, when we called lenovo malaysia, we were told that those with the 16gb ssd are parallel imports from the US.
  7. Hi guys, not sure if this has been asked before, however i would seek your opinion on how to get the best performance out of the laptop with my current ssds my primary hdd is currently a kingston hyperx 240gb, secondary is a plextor m5 256gb and on the msata is a plextor m6 256gb ssd. as i'm planning to format the machine over the weekend so i may need to checkout which is the best drive to install my OS on. 1. Kingston Hyperx (sata 3) 2 Plextor m5s (sata 2 because of the hdd caddy is a sata2 rated caddy) 3. Plextor m6m (msata) reason of asking is because i run alot of VM for my work testing purposes and would like to pump out as much performance as i can from this laptop. and lastly, has anyone tried using more then 16Gb on this model of laptop? (lenovo y500)
  8. sorry, but just need a quick answer. my current y500 is already running on bios 2.04. so its safe for me to just flash the modded bios using the normal method stated in page 1 right?
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