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  1. Using this laptop this is like being in a f**king coaster. Tried the Witcher 3 yesterday, running pretty well. The laptop was connected to the tv with extended screen to display a movie on the TV and looking for other things on my laptop browser. Turned off the gx660 while it was still connected to the TV. Today i took the laptop to show it to my brother : Black screen, not even showing the MSI BIOS screen. Tried with an HDMI cable and a VGA cable to an external screen and nothing... Windows is working, only the display isn't... I'm in total despair, tired to fix this laptop...
  2. Thanks for your post ! As i said in my previous post i used a knife to flat them, this way they were way more thinner than initially. Even with that the temp wasn't as Good as when i didn't used them... About the battery, it was working with this CPU until i installed the new GPU. The issue maybe linked to the TDP as you said, don't remember the TDP of the K4100M, the total May be higher than with the 5870M. Will investigate this later !
  3. Not editing to send you a notification : It was the thermal paste : one part of the chip wasn't covered enough and i could see the mark of the heat, the too thin part was brownish. Same test : max temp was 55°C on 3Dmark ! i will order new thermal pads of 1mm thick. Any advice on the brand ? i'm currently flating mine with a large knife to give them a last try ! I will edit and bring you some results of the benchmarks EDIT : Firestrike run : http://www.3dmark.com/fs/12530278D Comparison VS a modern laptop with GTX 960M and i5 7300HQ currently in sales at 657.99€ : http://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/12086311/fs/12530278 It's working great ! EDIT 2 : Even if i flattened the thermal pads the temps are still higher than when i tried without them. Same test : ~63°C Ordered 0.5mm thick thermal pads as the original ones were really really really thin. Will probably update tomorrow evening, i'm receiving my order tomorrow (thanks Amazon Premium !)
  4. I'm using those : https://www.amazon.fr/gp/aw/d/B00UYTTMNI/ref=yo_ii_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1 1,5mm thick. 0,5mm shouldn't be the issue, doesn't it ? I have to admit that i was a little bit messy when i applied the thermal paste, i'm pretty confident that i put A LOT of it on the chip. Too much of it... I only wanted it to test if the vbios flash worked xD Will repaste it tomorrow morning and see the temps ! If temperatures remains that high will probably new thermal pads... Dont you think it's because of the CPU bridge ? Additional heat is coming from the CPU directly in the GPU heatsink ? Just some thoughts hehe Will tell you the exact temp of the CPU when idle tomorrow too. Time to sleep, already spent too much Time on this baby today ! Any idea about my battery issue ?
  5. I have the original for the kepler cards, the one with the CPU bridge. Will try that to see if the GPU temps are better that way, thanks for the advice !
  6. I will look at it one of this days, i know that those temps aren't normal. Like i told you before, i think that the thermal pads i used dont let the heatsink fit properly on the chip. As i'm using the computer, i hope that the heat and the pressure will do their job to flat them ! will come back here anytime i have some updates about that ! For now i have an other issue to solve : The laptop isn't working when using the battery : If it's plugged, perfect. If i unplug it, even with the battery in it, immediat shutdown. Can't starts it if unplugged. In Windows it tells me that the battery is charging and the LED of the touchpad is orange (or blue). Wierd !
  7. Hello, I'm using my laptop for my studies right now so i'm only using Word and Chrome, don't have time to play so i have no time to investigate on the temps. The Vbios that Bloetschkopf gave me is overclocked, if i downclock the frequencies to their initial state the temps are acceptable (~85°C). In the future i certainly will take a closer look on the heatsink, the thermal paste etc. to exploite the full OC potential of the K4100M. If you can get it for free and if you have a heatsink that fit (don't know your laptop and don't have time to search sorry !) you should catch this opportunity ! Hope you will not struggle too much with the vBios as i did as it's coming from an Alienware. At least you know that the HP USB tool and the Win98 DOS can help you Good luck !
  8. I MADE IT ! Successfully flashed the vBios by myself using a Win98 DOS instead of FreeDos ! Reinstalling the whole Windows 10 right now, coming back soon to give you updates ! Hell yeah ! EDIT : The vbios you provided me seems to be too high, temps goes quickly to 93°C in 3Dmark (firestrike) and the core clock is throttling. The kepler heatsink should provide sufficient cooling capabilities for your vbios no ? i used some Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste i put some new thermal pads on the components, it should be enough. BTW thanks again for your vBios, really appreciated EDIT 2 : Maybe the heatsink isn't properly fitting on the chip, the thermal pads that i used are larger than the original ones. They are soft and i though that the pressure of the heatsink could be enough to flat them well.
  9. Do you think that a blind flash can't be achieved to fix it by myself ? i really don't want to buy an other card... EDIT : sometimes, when the USB drive with FreeDOS is plugged, if i let the computer run, it will end by showing me the first screen of the FreeDOS OS, the one where you can chose your keyboard layout. At this point, the keyboard seems to be unresponsive because nothing seems to happen when i press enter or any other key. It's maybe the OS which is frozen...
  10. Yes it's from dell. And no i haven't any friend with this kind of laptop. Well, i'm doomed...
  11. Hi Bloetschkopf ! Installed the new card and it doesn't pass the BIOS screen and i can't access the BIOS's settings anymore. Any idea ? If i wait the screen just go black and there nothing happen after that. I reseted my windows and uninstalled the drivers of my 5870m EDIT : Maybe it is linked to a bad vbios ? When i put back my 5870m it's working again... Need to flash your vbios but i can't access to the boot menu to boot on the usb drive...
  12. Thanks Bloetschkopf. I'm ready to test that !
  13. I'm reviving this old thread to give eventual GX660 owners an update about what they can expect from their computer. i finally found a heatsink with the CPU bridge for a decent price (from ebay, ordered from a seller in the USA, it was cheaper than what i could find in germany. I'm living in France btw). At the end of the week i will finally install the K4100m i bought in 2016 (yes, it is a long term project). I will come back here and give my impressions and some numbers. Hope i will not be disappointed with the performance that the 920XM and the overclocked K4100M can provide. This is the last update i'm planning to do for my precious GX660 that served me well for 6 years now. I'm still amazed by this old laptop and can't imagine selling it even if i have a pretty decent gaming RIG. Hail to the GX660 !
  14. Hi, thanks for your answers ! Alright, i only wanted you to confirm that this card is compatible so it's great The cooler boost 2 heatsink isn't easy to find, will take a look from time to time. Won't do any overclock until i find one. Thanks, efforts appreciated !
  15. Hi Bloetschkopf ! Just ordered a k4100m, found one on ebay from a seller in my country and for 160€ (delivery fees included). Already downloaded your vBIOS, can't wait to try this baby. I have three questions for you : - The K4100m come from a Dell Precision M6800, is it good ? - You said in an other thread " 920XM is definitely a good upgrade compared to 720qm. I had one one a GX660 and with unlocked bios (and thottlestop) I ran rock stable @ 3.36Ghz on 4 core (140 x 24). So nearly twice as much as 1.73ghz of 720qm on 4 core. " What were your temps at that time with your 920XM ? When i'm playing i'm around 75 degrees Celsius with an agressive fan profile. Tried to overclock but temps easily goes in the low 90's. Had you an external cooler ? What is the secret behind this crazy overclock ? - Which kind of thermal pad is needed to fill up the gaps of the heatsink (one from a 570m) ?
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