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  1. were the spacers you used wide enough so that the fat part of the screw could pass into it, allowing the springs to really do their job? I only did this on the ultrabay. it helped, but still wasnt the answer, i think ultimately it just delayed the death march to 97. ultimately, in trying everything i could find/think of, the most effective cooling methods are running the fans at 100% and/or undervolting the GPUs. repasting/spacing did not seem to help much. ultimately I ended up wtih a solution where i undervolt the gpus, and installed a switch on the side of the laptop that I soldered into to the fans so that I can turn them to 100% when playing really intense games and turn off when i want it to run at its normal non obnoxious nouse level. i'm planning to do a writeup w/pics later today maybe
  2. OP: Which linux distro are you trying to install? UEFI support is a pain, but many of the newer distros do seem to support it. I was able to get an install of the newest linux mint, as well as arch linux using it.
  3. So to anyone that is thinking about doing the spacer mod, 2 words of advice: first, it DOES work. those springs are crummy. I was able to lower temps by around 5-7 degrees at load. Second, be careful. i got it extra tight, and eventually the tension ripped the part you screw into from the PCB. I had to go all macguyver to fix it, and probably can no longer achieve the same cooling level as when i first did the spacer mod
  4. Hey... So I have also done this fan mod. From TONS of fiddling with the innards, making the fans run at full speed seems to be the most effective thing in terms of cooling. the only problem is its loud. Currently I am toying with the idea of either hooking up some sort of termperature switch, or perhaps a manual switch on the side, so that I can have the fans running normal speed most of the time, but will pop to max speed when running a game or when the temp gets over say 70C. Does anyone have any experience with this type of mod?
  5. i could not find any way to mod the fans. I ended up opening it up, and removing the third pin from both fan connectors (the brownish one). this caused the fans to run at 100% all the time. keeps it cool, but kind of noisy
  6. the laptop itself is a beast, and when it works it works great... the only problem is compared to the 650m models, the 750m+ models overheat and throttle quickly when playing demanding games
  7. the dual 755m's work very well, the only problem is the laptop was designed for 650m's, so the ultrabay gpu overheats
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