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  1. A manual switch would be easier to make. You can put a switch connected to the brown wire. It shouldn't be too hard to set up. But you'll have to make a hole somewhere to make the switch accessible.
  2. Indoor and plugged-in. It's summer here in the tropics so it gets pretty warm.
  3. Ideafan is good and should be used if you aren't comfortable with hardware mods. The only thing about ideafan is that there are small pauses between fan-speed bursts. I know it may not seem like much but getting rid of those pauses helped lower my laptop temps a lot. My GPU is currently running at 38°C and the CPU at 41°C on idle, and that's in 33°C weather.
  4. My Y400 ran into some trouble a while back and still isn't fixed but I won't tell what happened to it here as I will post it on a new thread. Simply put, I had to mod the laptop fan so that it would run at 100% speed no matter what. It made the fan run louder but made my temps considerably lower. This is a post to show you how I did the mod. 1. Open up the bottom cover of your Y400 or Y500 2. Locate the cables for the fan. 3. There should be four cables there. One red, one black, one yellow and one brown. 4. Cut the brown wire. The brown wire is for the motherboard to control the fan speed. Once you cut it your laptop fan will run as fast as the dust cleaning process lets it in lenovo's energy management tool. This is the fan's normal speed. It was made to run slower by lenovo to make less noise. I got the image above from this thread: http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/2773-y500-disassembled-pictures.html It shows roughly where the cables should be for the Y400 and Y500.
  5. I have a Lenovo Y400 and it's stuck in a boot loop. It loads up to the lenovo logo and then after about a second a BSOD appears. Strange thing is that I can't see the error because the BSOD exits too quickly. Before the boot loop happened I scheduled windows memory diagnostics then I had to force shutdown my laptop because it hanged. At about 90% of the memory test the blue screen appeared. Also I have recently overclocked my gpu. What I want to know is the cause of the boot loop and if there is a fix for it. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Nope, intel graphics on the Y400 and Y500 are hardware locked
  7. I have a Y400 and i'm running windows 8.1 pro. No problems so far. Don't worry about the drivers. Lenovo already has drivers for windows 8.1 on their site.
  8. I saw a post somewhere where someone modded his Y500 to have another heat pipe. All the steps needed to replicate what he did was there though I can't remember where I saw it.
  9. Msi has some pretty good options on their site. Lenovo also has some good deals. I currently have a Y400 and it's worth it. Lenovo's current gaming laptops can support 2 Gt750's but onboard graphics aren't available so battery life will be stuck to about 4 hours max.
  10. One of their agents told me that the ultrabay for the Y400/Y410 will take another two weeks. Better to just wait for that just to be safe.
  11. One of their agents told me that the ultrabay for the Y400/Y410 will take another two weeks. Better to just wait for that.
  12. As far as I know the hd4600 on the Y510 can't be used due to hardware limitations. So you're stuck to using the GT750m even on battery mode. Hope this helps.
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