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  1. actually your low volume could be due to other factors, chiefly output impedance. If you are using a pair of 600ohm beyerdynamics you couldn't reasonably expect any non dedicated amplifier to drive that. Do you know the impedance rating of your output device? or are you simply referring to the onboard speakers?
  2. you might want to try a laptop vent cooler in tandem with a laptop cooling pad Evercool FIT NB-FT1 Notebook Cooler Review - Performance and Conclusion this specific unit dropped the temp by 1-2 degrees but a better one might acheive 2-5 degrees which when in tandem with a cooling pad that reduces the temp by a further 2-5 is a pretty decent solution
  3. is there a list of what options this new bios opens up?
  4. You might be able to find it in China, via a b2b platform similar to Ebay called taobao y580 Unfortunately it is in Chinese but google translate does help a TON (I use it) and then once you locate your item you should engage a reputable taobao agent to buy the item on your behalf and then ship it to you
  5. odd, I really can't seem to find the option to disable secureboot in the bios. I have seen it on my Samsung ATIV win8 tab and I managed to disable secure boot but the option simply doesn't seem to be there for me =( Can anyone take a pic of thier Y510p bios for me? The only option I have is for UEFI Secure boot or legacy but that doesn't seem to help me
  6. don't know if this is relavant but when i took my factory installed ultra bay out, and then reinstalled it, windows booted up with a black screen the next few boot ups had like weird errors and took ages but now it is back to normal
  7. Just wondering 2 things 1. Is it possible to permanently remove this "secure boot" nonsense? It is analogous to say a locked bootloader on an android phone? 2. how does one go round disabling it, (im trying to install a linux distro and I keep getting some stupid errors 3. is there a 3rd party bios available? Would I even want such a thing?
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