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  1. Hi, Unfortunately no it does not work. The lack of MXM card make the EC controller go haywire and the fan to spin at 100%. The only way to sort this out is to ask Klem to provide a modified unlocked BIOS and set primary display to IGFX and to force IGP to be working. This way, the MXM port signal is bypassed and everything is working ok.
  2. Hi mate, I have exactly the same problem as you do, except my MXM port is broken so I cannot use any mxm card in my laptop. After 50 or 60s fan goes full speed because there is no mxm card connected. Any chance you can provide me your unlocked BIOS? By the way is yours Ivy Bridge or Haswell GT70? Mine is haswell...
  3. No TIM or thermal paste are meant for CPU and GPU without any distinction. Try a little experiment: unhook your GPU heatsink and clean GPU core and the copper part of the HS. Apply a small amount of thermal paste on the GPU core and put back your HS. Then lift it off again and see if the thermal paste is applied on all the surface of the heatsink that should be touching the GPU core. If it is, then the contact is good. If not, use a copper shim like I do, and you'll see the difference.
  4. No problem pal. If you live in France, you can send me a private message, i'll send you one. I have spares, this will speed up the work... Si tu habites en France, je peux t'en envoyer un, j'en ai au moins 10. Ca t'évitera d'attendre 15j!
  5. Hi! I had the same problem you currently have. You need a copper shim to make proper contact between the GPU core and the heatsink. 1 mm is enough. Try on ebay for "copper shim", you should easily find what you need. After the mod, during MSI kombustor burning test, the card stays under 75°C.
  6. And btw no need for me to change the heatsink, the HS is actually an old one from my medion x6811 used with geforce gtx 460m. I just had to cut a small part of aluminium that prevented a good contact between the GPU core and the copper part of the HS (5min job). Just be aware that a copper shim was mandatory between the GPU core and the heatsink to make a proper contact, otherwise the GPU core temp would skyrocket.
  7. Finally it worked. Actually, you also need to disable the "secure boot" option in the bios of the laptop. This would be the 3' of gtman Stangely I had to mod the inf of the driver or it would not recognize the card... Thanks for everything! Merci à toi gtman pour ton tutoriel!
  8. You're absolutely right, it's MS-1763. Bios is E1763IMS.51B EC is 1763EMS1 Ver5.11 Here is the screenshot of my desktop with the nvidia error, despite the fact that I rebooted with the override of driver signature and the driver is wqhl 350.12 (same gtman installed) http://i19.servimg.com/u/f19/13/84/35/93/660m_g11.jpg Looks like french people are struggling with 660m gtx and MSI laptops right? I just update the EC to 5.17 (the one up to date) and still no joy...
  9. 920XM is definitely a good upgrade compared to 720qm. I had one one a GX660 and with unlocked bios (and thottlestop) I ran rock stable @ 3.36Ghz on 4 core (140 x 24). So nearly twice as much as 1.73ghz of 720qm on 4 core. At that time, CPU performance was as good as 3630qm. Now, problem is to get a 920xm for a decent price. In my opinion, if you can get one for less than 150$/€, go for it. Otherwise, sell your gx660 and get a gt60/70 with Ivy / Haswell. Plus the gx660 works with 970m gtx (end of 1st post): The Official MSI GT60/70 970m/980m Upgrade Thread | NotebookReview So a 920xm (150$) + 970m gtx (450$) = roughly 600$ (+40$ for 180w PSU if you don't have one already). Big investment! A 2nd hand GT60 with 870m + 4700mq can be found for around 700$ so I let you be the judge of that.
  10. Hi all, I have exactly the same problem you had gtman. My rig is a MSI GT70 (ms-16f4 chassis with haswell cpu) and my 660m gtx is alienware based (blue pcb). I tried your method but I still have the code 37 under device managed for my 660m GTX (driver cannot load the driver of the card. The driver is either damaged or not working). I am going to try the exact same driver as yours. But with every driver I tried, I had to use a modded inf file (found on laptopvideo2go). Without the inf file, the nvidia installer would not comply and got me an error (found no compatible device...). Do you have an idea, I'm kinda lost here...? Thanks
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