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  1. I've been experimenting a lot lately with my old M17xR4 (120hz) , it had a dead GPU, inserted another, worked for a while and then i got the 8 beeps no posting, not matter what i try. So i tried re-installing the BIOS blindly as i did several times before (by holding the 'end' button and plugging the power cord).. while it was beeping (installing the bios) i accidentally unplugged it. Now the laptop does not turn on when i press the alien head, no beeps, no lights, nothing. It's practically dead. Can't even try RE-reinstalling the Bios it does not respond anymore. I tried removing the CMOS and holding power button, but it just doesn't work. I guess i bricked the brick. Did my laptop finally die with no hope? Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Thanks.. laptop is currently dead anyway, will try when/if it works.
  3. Anyone knows how I can access the BIOS settings on an external monitor? I'm using an M17xR4 (3D 120hz) with a broken main screen (content barely visible) It shows content on the external monitor only when the Windows boot. I tried *removing the main screen's ribbon cable to force the laptop to recognize the monitor as primary display, no luck, always getting 8 beeps. *closing the lid as soon as I press the power button. *connecting the monitor to VGA as well as HDMI. Thanks
  4. Nope, try disabling the display adapter from device manager.. this does the trick for me.
  5. Oh wait, that chip looks different.. Thank you Klem , all good now.
  6. So I have this M17xR4 (120hz 3D version) that had a dead 675m, I replaced it with an identical GPU, BUT it was in an MSI laptop, so I knew it won't work somehow. I know i need to flash the Dell VBios onto it and yes i have a backup rom file from the dead card, however the laptop doesn't let me switch it on, I press the power button then it goes on a never-ending restart loop i have to take out the battery to switch it off.. So now I'm in a situation where I need to let the device boot somehow in order to flash the correct VBios.. -The MSI laptop has a fried/dead motherboard so it's no use. -Also I cannot find the BIOS chip on the 675m in order to reflash it using a CH341A -Connecting an external monitor does nothing, obviously. I know there's probably no simple solution but i'm open to ideas. Any suggestions (other than the old borrow a laptop from a friend method) ? thanks
  7. nope, the A15 didn't work at all using this method for some reason, i downloaded the A05 bios on dell website then extracted the .fd file and renamed it to M17R4.hdr, after that I created a bootable fat32 USB using Rufus and copied the hdr file on it. you put the usb in a normal port (not the e-sata) i used the port on the upper right side, remove the battery and power cable, now hold 'END' and while holding put back the power cable, keep holding for like 4 seconds then let go.. your fans will go loud and after a few seconds the laptop will start beeping really loudly for several minutes (that's totally normal, let it beep) eventually your laptop will restart and become unbricked. that's basically it.
  8. hello everyone, my m17xR4 BIOS got bricked (1 beep) , and i tried the method exactly as it says but the screen just stays dark and no beeps, fans are loud though, i waited for 30 minutes. I tried almost all BIOS versions. im suspicious about the M17R4.hdr name , maybe my laptop doesn't recognize it for some reason. any ideas? thanks EDIT: Nevermind, I got it fixed. if anyone's interested, it worked on the USB port not the E-SATA. also i formatted the USB drive into a bootable drive using Rufus, that's it.. hope it helps
  9. I have M17xR4 120hz , i noticed recently the GPU fans stopped kicking and temps go wild resulting in freezes and random restarts, even on idle.. the only thing that makes the fans work again is running HWiNFO64 fan control every time I startup the PC. does anyone have the same issue? why it happens? also how can i get it back to its original state without having to run a 3rd party software to make it work (because that feels really odd). also updating the GPU driver to latest version results in a completely black screen and error 43 in device manager. I tried formatting, reinstalling windows, tried Windows 10, Windows 8.1.. same issue.. I have A15 BIOS and i tried other versions as well Repasted the GPU as well as the CPU, and the laptop is completely dust free. GPU : Nvidia GTX 675m Driver version: 331.65 Windows 8.1 thanks
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