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  1. Is it possible to unlock the voltage for Asus G75VX gtx670mx? I already unlocked core and memory overclock, I am running @888mhz core and 2350mhz memory(unless my nvidia inspector is glitched, it could be 1350??)
  2. When the psu is over it's limit, will the laptop get damaged when it doesn't get enough power? Thank you for your time
  3. I have a laptop asus g75vx, i moved my old laptops harddrive with windows 7(64bit home premium) pre installed into the g75vx with pre installed windows 8 on it. I am having trouble figuring out how to boot into the windows 7 OS, Google results were pointing at installing w7 on a w8 pc, but i can not reinstall a pre installed windows 7 currently. Any noob help, if possible at all, how to boot into w7? thank you for your time TM
  4. my new puppy bit on my 180w psu, i still have a 120w psu(from my old asus a53sv xe1) and works with my asus g75vx Does lower watts affects the system life span-> does it damage compononents if they need more watt?, or does the laptop automatically downclock/throttle with a lower psu Now, according to notebookcheck, under high load g75vx uses 81watts. Does a game like bf3 which uses the cpu(3630qm) around 60%(@30 watt max) , strain the laptop more then 120w? THANK YOU so much for your time:Banane07:
  5. Intel has intergrated it's own overclocking, where it oc's when needed. No need for further OC-ing either, considering games, 3610qm is a god for gaming. Your graphics card, for voltage unlock, needs a bios mod. You need to research where to get that mod, and flash the bios(with a prepped usb)
  6. This thing was my dream back in the day for vacation purposes. Ebay mostly has used and refurbished. Anyone have a shop or site that they still sell them new? thank you for your time.
  7. I had the same question, ended up with asus g75vx because ordering a clevo was not possible to ship to aruba. research notebookcheck.net , they say clevo's have better contrast and color reproduction, and better speakers(not that that matters). My asus g75vx blue color is leaning towards purple, and red towards orange. For gaming this is ok, for editing it can get annoying(unless again, you use an external screen but i assume the 17 inch laptop is to edit on by itself) built quality on g series right now is unbeatable though
  8. I have both a 15.6 inch laptop and 17.3 , for my personal preferences atleast, the 15.6" is just too small for gaming, mostly talking about fps here, aiming good for example on battlefield 3 with a 15.6 inch screen is impossible on the FOV 90, so even this needs to be reduced. But then again,might be my skills aging too haha.
  9. due to optimization issues of todays games, i don't see much improvement over a cpu upgrade, besides, for gaming, the 3630qm is a sufficient powerhouse for the coming 3 years, at bare minimum.
  10. matte for no akward reflections when watching a movie with someone, glossy for in the dark gaming.
  11. gtx 675mx is better at OC-ing, and the better overall card, stays cooler too
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