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  1. I can't seem to get the "downgrade to v2.07" step to work. It just says "BIOS version compare error" when i try. Apparently the way to do it is enable back flash in the bios but i don't know how to do that either Any suggestions? Solved: f2 on startup, very straight forward from there on how to enable backflash
  2. it appears to not be letting me "run the included .bat file from an admin command prompt". When i run the bat file as administrator, the command prompt window opens for a split second and then it's gone and nothing happens.. Does anybody know what to do? Solved: had to put the .bat file under "system 32" folder
  3. Y510p is a great middle class laptop. Only concerns you should have are sli issues (many games aren't compatible and battery life is terrible when enabled), the bios whitelist is strict (you can mod the bios and then upgrade your laptop but some people have had issues after modding) and the stupid right shift key, it's too small and i miss it sometimes.
  4. Thanks so much for this guide. I can't wait to get started and finally upgrade my wireless card. I'm definitely going with the 7260 but just in case, does anyone have another suggestion? Thanks
  5. Uninstall all Nvidia software, restart computer, reinstall from nvidia's official site. It should automatically detect the software you're looking for. Don't let windows update install anything before you download the software from nvidia's site and know it's working.
  6. I'm tired of taking my 2nd graphic card out all the time when not gaming. I do it to save battery life when mobile. When SLI is active, you can literally see the battery meter moving second by second (exaggerating a bit). I will never buy dual graphic cards again. Sticking with one ensures more consistent frame rates and less hassle. I like what lenovo's done with the y50's in that way.
  7. Can't wait to mod my bios and finally upgrade to a 7260. Why Lenovo has a strict White list is beyond me. All i can say is if anything goes wrong during the mod, I'm leaving my y510p in the dust and moving on from Lenovo.
  8. I've owned a Lenovo Y510p for 2 years now. My first battle with customer support was trying to figure out when they were going to ship my laptop. There site said 2 months which was unacceptable to me so i called. They couldn't give me an estimated time but said it would be much sooner than what their site says (then why does there site say that?). I was transferred twice because the first 2 people didn't know what they were doing. In the end, it ended up taking three months to arrive. Second issue i had with them was trying to figure out if i could upgrade the wireless card, what a nightmare. Nobody could give me an answer. It's like they put their worst support staff on the phone first and then transfer you to someone who knows slightly more, and so on. I'm satisfied with my y510p but hate Lenovo support. Also i wouldn't recommend the chat option if it's a complicated question because they send you generic answers that aren't the ones you're looking for.
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