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  1. I have 2 lenovo and another laptop with an intel wireless/bluetooth setup. When blue tooth is on, wow watch out! Especially during gaming I rage because I die from the mouse not responding. Who's great idea thought it was smart to combo bluetooth and wireless when they use the same spectrum? The worse thing about these cheap intel wireless cards they don't even support 5Ghz. I expected better from intel and reading through their forums, it seems like I'm not the only one. Anyone have issues with their wireless intel cards? I expect intel's quality, not cheap flacky connections like this.
  2. I bought a bluetooth mouse on sale about a year ago. It died a little over a month... so I called support and told them my situation. They sent me postage through my email and sent it back. I waited about 2 months and wanted to find out if I'm getting a replacement or not so I chatted with the CS rep. He was nice and said he'll find the status and let me know through email. Well I don't like to pressure anyone or push anyone so I waited like a month for another status update. I chatted with a lady and she found out that nothing was really done besides a ticket was open and she said she'll send a status update to me through email. So.... waited another 2 weeks this time... got another lady on chat and well... she wasn't helpful. Another month past (got caught up on some stuff) and started to get irritated. So I got another guy on chat and explained the situations, show him some of my past chats (I save most my chats) and he said can't give me a replacement but reimburse me.... So got busy with life and never seen anything reimbursed or anything. Those CS reps just keep making you go in circles over and over until eventually you give up. Lesson, most are nice but you'll get no results. Anyone else have better results?
  3. I have a y400 and a y410p and that list is pretty much spot on. The biggest issue with the y400 is that there is no optimus is so intel graphics to output to miracast which sucks. The y410p is almost perfect except the wireless card isn't that good, same with the y400
  4. That's... pretty crazy, thanks for the tip. I have a Lenovo that doesn't power up for some odd reason so this might work.
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