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  1. Hi Prema, have u made VBIOS for 980m away 15 with same cpu? Thanks! Wysłane z mojego SM-N9005 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  2. hi with vbios i should use for Alienware 17 R2 970M 3 GB ? i have 4710HQ and 970M 3 GB , Can i use vbios for 970M 6GB?
  3. Hi Guys! I have AW 17 R2 atm . I cannot find anything about Modified Vbios for 970M 3GB ? Thanks a lot Guys for any reply.
  4. is this will work with my 970m 3 gb alienware 17 r2? thanks
  5. Hi. Problem resolved. It was modified driver issue. I have download Mr.Fox driver mod 344.75 and all works fine now. BIG Thank You to Mr.Fox :-)
  6. i hope so . Atm playing on my 60 mhz screen hate it T_T . If anyone have backup of gtx 980M 8GB for Alienware will be really nice if i can have copy:) . Thanks
  7. well i dont think so . yesterday was fine 100% it stop working when i upgrade card. How do i can check it??
  8. no drivers needed . I have checked monitor and cable works fine with my second Laptop with is AW 13.... Also it was fine before i upgrade from 780m to 980m . no reaction when cable pluged to mini dp port but works with hdmi . Hdmi give's only 60mhz and mini display port 120mhz . anyone have similiar problem?? i have reinstall drivers and no difference
  9. i have just flashed card !!! problem was when i type command and press enter it takes about 5 min to flash card . I remeber when i flash my 780m in dos it was just 1 min . So when i was flashinh my 980m i was waiting only 2 min not longer then that (stupid:D) . Right now everything works fine just checked nvidia inspector and it shows modfied bios stock clock 1202 mhz . one done another problem comes lol . I always have connected my external monitor 120mhz benq 2720t to my laptop but now when plug cable nothing happend....:/ not recognized my monitor at all also nvidia control panel have short option's to choose i cannot even find there resolution and mhz freshrate on there..... (sorry for english) .
  10. my bios settings are : Windows 8 fast boot enabled Secure Boot Disabled Load Legacy Option Rom Disabled Bost list option UEFI I have keep trying flash card with no results . Device Menager Card 980m Disabled Folder c:\Rom\mnvflash 3 files plus 980m.rom Also with driver should be installed before flash card?? i have 344.75 atm but when play games core clock stay only at 540 mhz and dont go higher lol..... . If i install latest (but they block OC) Core Clock works fine 1038 mhz . I have spend 600£ for card and atm not happy at all . Forgot to mension about my system : Alienware 17 4910MQ GTX 980M 8GB model from HidEvolution US 16GB RAM msata 480 GB SSD Samsung Pro Evo 840 1TB SSD is all correct?? for flashing card?? Thanks
  11. my romname is short 980.rom and iam using both files dll in same folder including rom aswell . when i try to flash sometimes comes up with error listed in previous post or sometimes its shows NVIDIA Firmware Update Utility <version 5.206=""> Simplified Version For OEM Only and nothing else happend i cannot even close this windows when i use version 5.196 from this post it always come's up with error unable to open nvflash driver.... . </version>
  12. Hi i have problem with flashing guide . I have flash in past 780m in dos without any problems . Atm i have new 980m 8gb and trying flash it in windows and i have this information when flashing mnvflash -6 romname.rom i get ERROR: Unable to open NVFLASH Driver <0x0000000005> GPU is disabled in Device Menager Please some1 help Thanks
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