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  1. So if you take a look at this price tracker from Pcpart*****er.com, you'll see that it pretty much has stayed the same the last two years. You can also use this site to see if a new PC part you wanna buy is at a reasonable price.
  2. AklemTech, but don't you need like a specific type of monitor that support GSYNC? And also a high end graphics card too? is it really worth the trouble?
  3. I bought a GTX970 ($300), and a Samsung EVO 250 GB SSD ($109). As well as a new NZXT case.
  4. I recently played Batman Arkham City with a PC and Controller, and it was vastly superior. Most PC games on steam will even tell you if it has full or partial support for controllers. If it doesn't then you could use something like http://www.xpadder.com
  5. Mine just turned 2. He's a nightmare, but still fun sometimes.
  6. I play Shadows of Mordor on ultra with a Nvidia 970 and a Phenom X4. Still Beautiful.
  7. It all seems like the same recycled crap over and over. Nothing really new and fresh coming out of these companies. I personally love indie games a lot more.
  8. Breaking bad, Shameless (US), and House of Cards.
  9. Just watched American Sniper last night. Bradley cooper played a damn convincing role. highly recommenced. - - - Updated - - - I saw a movie called Poker Night. It had that guy Gus Fring from Breaking Bad and was actually pretty decent.
  10. Hi stateofmind109 here. I came to this site because I have a y500 and a new intel 7260 wifi card that is just itching to get stuffed into this laptop.
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