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  1. Aww, thanks mate. Guess I'll just have to live with this OC monitor. *dries tears with metaphoric hundred dollar bills*
  2. Can't find the article now, but there were two major sources for the fiasco/event - one, which apparently turned out to be fake and another by a tech website which thoroughly examined the current implementation, noting that low framerates resulted in a black screen alongside noting instability with the drivers they had installed - but, considering that sub-40 is unacceptable in my personal use case, this seems like an acceptable trade-off for the most part. I post it specifically to this subforum owning a y500 with an overclocked screen - the idea's quite intrigued me as a more stable frametime while simultaneously eliminating screen tearing is an extremely tantalizing concept considering the frame-time inconsistencies of RTSS framerate capping + windowed borderless mode or the input latency of ingame vsync options.
  3. Cool, downloading now. Thanks for the note.
  4. Ah, thank you - this could be very useful in the future. I feel like Bowman staring into the monolith right now. How could something be such a visual improvement over the device manager? (It's full of stars!) LG Philips LP156WF1-TLC1 - Glossy screen. Seems to fit the trend so far, apparently? I got lucky with getting a device that could output at this frequency, though - was looking into 120hz monitors.
  5. I've found platformers to be much more enjoyable with a console controller - I don't get the point of flying planes with a console controller, however, apart from the analog Yaw input compared to mouse and keyboard. Seems to be a bit more faithful to actual joysticks, however. Super Meat Boy is pretty much unplayable without a console controller, personally. I do find that games like Shadow of Mordor work well for sitting back and ignoring any framerate drops since you're not feeling it as directly when using a mouse - I do better with a keyboard, but a console controller is the more enjoyable but uncomfortable experience due to the unwieldiness of performing button combos which would otherwise be assigned to letters on a keyboard. QTE's are also a bit more challenging, too. Definitely not for anything twitch focused, of course. Your thoughts on the topic?
  6. emeraldnext

    Gtav on pc

    Apparently it's pretty grindy in comparison to GTA IV's sandbox, but hopefully performance will be much better. I wonder how the first person mode will perform. Now Rockstar has to pay for the development of both first person and third person animations/camera systems in the future, after this new title sets expectations for whatever it is they make next. Crossing fingers for Red Dead something. Or, at the very least, and more pressingly, an uncrappy PC port. Red Dead will definitely not require first person animations quite as pressingly with dashboards and all, unless they're licensing Ratatouille or something. Haven't played Redemption, but the praise is high enough to be a tinge envious. Still, emulators will come along eventually.
  7. Surprisingly I've got the same problems (y500 650M SLI) especially since I could get a solid 60fps (1080p) at mixed medium-high settings in Far Cry 3/Blood Dragon. Will be looking forward to playable framerate at 1080p, since I get around 30fps so far with current setup and almost complete GPU utilization in SLI. Also worth mentioning and really weird is the GPU utilization during cutscenes, is that loading the world in the background or something? Doesn't seem to drop, gpu one like 20% and gpu two at 80% without stop.
  8. I've got the Y500 and it tops out at 112hz for me, personally. It's good enough for me, but I can do 120fps with pixel artifacts - not worth it, and also a bit unstable. Not sure which version of the screen I've got, sorry.
  9. For anyone interested in (or enjoys the placebo effect of) audiophile topics, I found this interesting note when trying out different audio-output modes on my Y500. The integrated speakers are fantastic, I could imagine putting on music for a small room with it, and intend to for an upcoming game of Paranoia. (PnP RPG) But, the problem is when outputting via WASAPI rather than directsound, or checking, "disable all sound effects", in playback devices, the sound from the integrated speakers becomes much more tinnier. I'm a bit of a beginner when it comes to anything audio, but I do care very much about it. It's definitely not related to the Dolby Processing suite there (ugh, compression - I leave it disabled) and seems to be driver based - some kind of EQ that seems to be quite necessary to get anything decent out of these speakers, since installing new drivers tends to muck up the sound. Doesn't affect jacked-in devices, but there is often a significant amount of noise coming from the motherboard (i.e., static when nothing is playing, regardless of volume) not audible with the integrated speakers. My two cents on the topic.
  10. I loved all of his movies, especially The Life Aquatic, but I couldn't quite grasp the concept of Darjeeling Limited. Do you have any thoughts on the film? - - - Updated - - - I love IMAX - saw Guardians of the Galaxy in IMAX 3D, but my wallet can't take that again. :-( Going to a budget 7$ theater this weekend, though. (3D and all) Love to help the local economy, although the foods pretty much par for the course (in price) - it's well worth helping out a smaller venue like that, though. - - - Updated - - - I'll add onto the Super recommendation, it's really quite disturbing, but fun to pick apart the characters.
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