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  1. First of all, let me thank you for that awesome guide! Awsome work! I got my hands onto the same card as yours (except it came from a GT83VR with SLI 1070's) and followed your instructions by the book :). I did however use the stock heatsink and tried different termal pastes on the gpu. What worked best for me is the Arctic MX4, keeping my temps on full load under 73 Celsius.
  2. angelorusso_

    M17x CPU Fan Upgrade/Mod (2CFM->10.4CFM)

    What i did was more simple, since i own both models (M17xR4 & M14xR2). I took both fans out and swapped the blades :). The motor of both fans is the same, so there is no trouble with that, plus i dont have to dremel and mod the outer cases of the fans :).
  3. angelorusso_

    [vBIOS - MODS] Alienware - Prema Mod™

    Im trying to download stuff on this site and its not working (newbie account). Tried to upgrade many times my Elite mebership, without success. Contacted one of your mods, he created some invoices but somehow my paypal doesnt accept my payment. I use my paypal for several other things, so if i could just straight forward send you some money to your account and you in exhange help me with my card (gtx980m on M17xr4 /3d), that would be great. Please let me know. EDIT: NVM got my membership now.

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