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  1. Prema please write or are planning to release a new BIOS for Clevo p170sm ??, so you do not have to be combined with inf files every time the drivers ?? in 2015. In January you wrote that this is in the plans. if it is still ?? As it is when you expect ??
  2. guys please help I do not know what to do and does not want to spoil your laptop. you know the answer to my question. What I need is to download bios tweak its GTX 765m in Clevo ?? I have to choose 2 and did not know Which will be good someone point to me , and tell wherein they differ from one another ?? I have 2 choose from dela but that will fit the Clevo
  3. I would rather recommend the gelida above all easy application and is quite efficient , if from time to time refresh or replace in our computer , we strongly gelid , if we do not do it definitely Collaboratory but already there is a problem with its removal. for me the difference on the i7 3740 August hesitant about 2 degrees Korzyce coolllaboratory and that much though.
  4. MSI afterburner in the latest Overclocking should work too , so it is worth the try out
  5. help someone , what I have to upload bios gtx765 card in Clevo p170sm to choose I have a 2 dell , and now do not know what will fit into my video card. Match up the already few days of this
  6. Clevo Laptop or p170sm enters the latest BIOS from Prema , grafikiczna card GTX 970 despite the fact that the support area is not listed ?? or will you get to the maximum gtx 780m ??
  7. What I need to download bios to tweak its GTX 765 in Clevo ?? I have to choose 2 and did not know which will be good someone Point to me , and tell wherein they differ from one another ?? File Type: zip Dell 765m - - ' OC Edition ' ( AW 17) - v00.zip ( 129.5 KB , 83 views ) File Type: zip Dell 765m - " OC Edition " ( AW 14) .zip (121.1 KB , 118 views )
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