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  1. I was trying to get it from the OP and it didnt work so I just asked. Whilst I did appreciate the link, there was no need to be an arse about it.
  2. Hi Perma, I was hoping to get the stock P150EM EC/Bios from the OP, however for some reason I cant download it. Do I need the TI membership thing?
  3. It may seem strange, however I use 12 x 140mm phobya black silent fans for my wc setup and 3 of the 120mm ones and this cools my trifire 290x and 5930k OCd perfectly with minimal noise. Not to mention how cheap the fans were (only $10 AUD a piece)
  4. Well I've been using mx-4 for a few years and it does the job well and is extremely easy to clean.
  5. Werent there some reports about the Arctic silver scratching the chip as well?
  6. Does anyone actually think this will go in the accusers favor? I mean its kinda like trying to do practically anything against smoking.
  7. Yep, didnt end up having to pay the extra for the 120hz panel :b
  8. Just to chime in, I've had my chi mei panel on the p370em oc'd to 120hz ever since I got it ~2 years no, never got any artifacts twitching or anything. The only probem was that after it woke from standby, the LCD wouldnt turn on, so I just cant use standby.
  9. Does anyone with sli 680ms get wierd fps drops for no reason after the new driver update? I've tried going back to the old drivers, after deleting the latest one with DDU. This only started happening after the update, single card is working perfectly though o-o The update also cause some odd lines/distortions when playing videos/games. I have tried what has been mentioned, though its still happening.
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