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  1. Hello, i have bought P870DMG motherboard to replace mine because it was faulty, but the problem is that laptop doesn't show anything just turns on , fans spins - hard drives spins. I asked seller about motherboard and he said it was used with 970M graphics card, but mine is GTX980 200W card. Is it BIOS not accepting graphics card or can be other problem? I also have usb programmer i thought maybe i could flash other bios. Does anyone knows where is BIOS chip on P870DM?
  2. Thank you very much. I found the folder in this file. Thanks! Another question is it possible to flash that bios BACKUP file and how?
  3. Hi. I tried , but can't see any folder with BACKUPWIN. Only these files
  4. I cannot see BACKUPWiN folder. Only 2 folders are in RAR file one is stock bios and other is mod.
  5. Hi Klem, this is for P775DM3 bios i cannot find backup folder or backup.bat.
  6. Might be Vbios, is it newest Bios for P870DMG? I will try it out
  7. Hi. Does P870DMG bios has GPU temp throttling increase like Prema's bios?
  8. Yes, finally crossed 14k on my Gtx980, 1.287v. Prema vbios. http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/16004115
  9. GTX980 seems can't push it to 14k http://www.3dmark.com/fs/10718826
  10. Edit : Prema is amazing, my computer is saved and now runs faster and better, thank you
  11. Hello, what size thermal pads are used for GTX 980 desktop version card in Clevo p870dm-g?
  12. Hi, is 13400 Firestrike score good for gtx 980 desktop in p870? I wonder how much more score would be improvement with Prema bios. Because now when card reaches 79c it downclocks with PerfCap Reason Thrm.
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