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  1. I get a DirectX error on my Dragon Age Inquisition with the new drivers. I have been trying tons of fixes that I came across bioware threads but nothing helps. I have a GTX 765m on an AW14. I am not sure if this is driver related or game related.
  2. Hi Everyone! Just came across this community while searching for overclocking options for my Alienware m14x. I have the i7 4700 with a GTX 765m. I'm getting terrible FPS on Dragon Age Inquisition and was wondering if overclocking using a modded bios would be my solution. Fingers crossed
  3. What if I have UEFI enabled with legacy oprom enabled? That does show the USB option in boot options
  4. How's Dragon Age Inquisition playing up for you guys on the alienware m14x with the 765m GPU. I am getting very disappointing frame rates and am wondering how I can improve that with over clocking.
  5. Guys, would over clocking my m14 765m gpu have a big effect on my Dragon Age Inquisition FPS? I mean is it worth going to the trouble of over clocking? How big of a performance boost will I be getting?
  6. The 700 series should be good enough
  7. This is all very new to me. I have my USB ready though. Going to try this out on my Alienware
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