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  1. I've already played through watchdogs on my laptop (worked fine with 2 gigs, I honestly think they overstated the specs), so the bonus is kinda useless to me, but it's a nice addition. I think I'll stick with the 660, and maybe go sli later if I get a new case and mobo, but it should run everything just fine for now, especially if I use an evga 3gb version. If I can muster up the cash, I'll go for the 760, I think. I was thinking of getting the 750ti, but it both looks lame and performs below the level of a 660. I would go look at amd's options, but I really don't fancy amd's drivers and software, and probably wouldn't get much more bang for my buck going that route, considering how cheap a 660 is these days.
  2. Hey, guys My sister accidentally deleted some pictures on her cameras sd card (through the camera), and is begging me to recover them, so I thought I'd come here for some suggestions. I've looked online for free recovery apps, and saw that pandora recovery could be a good option, but I realize that there are a lot of utilities for this. Luckily, the sad cards files haven't been modified since, but I am concerned that canon might write over the files during deletion. Thanks in advance for your help. -Zlatin
  3. i got a 120gb pny xlr8 ssd. At the time of purchase, it was about 55$, quite a steal if you ask me. It goes at about 450-500 mb/s, and boot takes about 7 sec. The difference in app load times is extremely noticeable. After boot, it only takes about 5 seconds for the os to load all the boot up apps and get up to speed. Opening chrome takes just a few seconds tops, and iTunes opens even faster. Battlefield 4 used to load in over 4 minutes with an hdd, and now takes about 30 sec. The os never hangs, and any application put onto the ssd loads in no time. It has made a dramatic difference in my pcs useability, and is truly worth it. to partition, I first tried using EaseUS partition manager, but it failed, so I moved on to Paragon Migrate os to ssd. It worked much faster than EaseUS, and copied all the right partitions over without a hitch. For migration, you only need to move these partitions: windows boot ©, efi, and winre_drv. If you only move the boot partition, windows will complain on startup. You can transfer any data that doesn't fit to the hdd after formatting it (if wanted). good luck, -Zlatin
  4. Zlatin

    Gtav on pc

    I'm so excited for GTAV on pc. I've played through the console version a great many times, so im stoked to play it once more on my PC (With glorious master race PC Graphics). It would suck if the port sucked, like what they did with GTA IV.
  5. I've just installed the SSD into the main bay, then put the HDD into the ultrabay and everything works fine at top speeds (as far as I can tell).
  6. Hey, guys. I'm looking at the possibility of building a gaming pc for around 700$ with an i5, 1TB HDD, and a GTX 660. I realize the 660 is rather outdated by now, but is still a good card. Upgrading to a 760 would cost me around 80$, but is it really worth it? Also, I can get a 660 with 4gb of gddr5 ram as opposed to the 2gb standard, is that worth it? Here's my current build on PcPartPicker: Intel Core i5-4440, PNY GeForce GTX 660, BitFenix Prodigy (Red) - System Build - PCPartPicker Thanks in advance for any help. -Zlatin
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