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  1. Hi Just a quick question. I have a old P570WM with a 2.1 motherboard, just need to know if the 970 or 980 GPU's are compatible ? As I been offered a pair of 970's for silly money, I know 780's wont work, not sure if 880's would either. Thanks
  2. Go to the main Settings menu in Windows 10, click “Recovery,” then click “Go back to Windows 8.1.” Follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. If I remember correctly the P370EM will only work at 60hz, fitting a 120hz screen is unlikely as uses a different connector on the motherboard (50pin for 3D and 40pin for 2D). I also seem to remember some P370EM were fitted with both connectors (50 and 40 pins) in which case you would need to flash a 3D bios as well. You would need to check if you have a dual connector board.
  4. Had tried everything you suggested and still no joy. However have now got it working. Ended up uninstalling the drivers for the WiFi/BT card, shutting down the machine. Removing the card, restarted Windows, then shutdown the machine again then put the card back in and restarting. This time Windows 10 picked up the WiFi/BT and installed its basic drivers then installed the Intel drivers. Everything working as it should so a happy bunny now.
  5. Ignore Windows 10 updater, Just upgrade/install Windows 10. Others have done it with a modded inf. See post below. http://forum.techinferno.com/clevo/10685-%5Bwindows-10%5D-clevo-laptops-issues-solutons.html#post141181
  6. P570WM/980M in SLi. In place upgrade from Windows 7. Only a couple of slight issues, manly with Hotkey app..Can't turn on the Bluetooth (either in Hotkey or Windows) and the Hotkey for WiFi switching has no effect either on or off thou can be turned on/off within Windows. The hardware indicator lights for BT and WiFi stay lit regardless if on or off under Windows 7 they would switch on and off. And when you change the keyboard colours, the keyboard graphic/area selector is oversized, you need scroll the screen to exit the setting app. Hotkey 6.0100 for Windows 7 also have tried Hotkey 8.0153 for Windows 8 both do the same thing. Other than that everything else works just fine and Windows 10 is way better than 8, thou I really hate the flat look everything has and those spud ugly icons. UPDATE: Even after a fresh clean install still cant get bluetooth to work (Intel 6235 with Intels Windows 10 drivers).
  7. Thought I would create this thread for all Clevo users that have or are about to upgrade to Windows 10. Please report back on an issues and solutions you may have with Windows 10. Include details on your Clevo model, GFX cards and which version on Windows 10 you are running (Home, Pro, Ent, 32bit or 64bit), fresh install or upgrade (from what version of Windows).
  8. Looks like you are flashing in windows try creating a bootable DOS USB Flash drive and flash that way. You can use Rufus to create a MS-DOS bootable usb drive. Just make sure the option (Create a bootable disk using " is set to MS-DOS. Extract your flash files to the newly created DOS usb drive, then boot your machine. Press F7 at machine startup and select the USB device. Then follow the instructions included in the Vbios. Hopefully you'll be able to flash a working Vbios. Rufus https://rufus.akeo.ie/
  9. Don't think it will - Not a size issue, but a slot issue. AC1525 uses a M.2 slot not the mini-pci the P???EM series use. You can fit a half-sized card with something like this JUSTOP Half to Full Height Mini PCI Express (PCI-E) Card Bracket Adapter: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories
  10. Try looking here :-> https://biosmods.wordpress.com/p170em/ If you flash either the K1 (Win key right of keyboard) or K2 ((Win key left) of keyboard) versions of bios, your memory will run at a T1 state (make machine a bit snappier) however if you get ram issues/crashing etc. Just flash the T2 version and your memory timings are returned back to stock.
  11. Liquid ultra/pro is best suited to CPU (CPU's with integrated heat-spreader and copper heat-sinks) use. For GPU I would go with Liquid pads, which allow for uneven heat-sinks. Easter to install (Just cut to fit) and far less risk of eletrical shorting
  12. You can get the 970m from Eurocom for 535 euro (+shipping). Thats the full kit 970m card, new heatsink, X frame, Thermal pads and the thermal paste.
  13. Don't use the Vbios pulled with GPUz, use the nvidia flash util to make the back up. As for editing Vbios have a word with the master Prema
  14. Much the same temps for me, your about +3 higher than mine. Can be down to much paste, warped heatsink etc, each machine is different so dont worry about it. The temps are good.
  15. The P377SM-A uses a 4 pin din (also used in P170EM, P370EM/EM3, P570WM/WM3 X7200 machines) type of connector so unless your machine that type of connector your out of luck, unless it can be modded to suit your needs. If you have a P150EM then you have the more standard barrel connector (centre pin outer-edge type of connector). You can use a modded Alienware M18 psu, have a look in the hard mods thread.
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