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  1. Hi. can anyone make modded inf for 870M in P150EM? I tried all sort of methods. - laptopvideo2go's inf mod - make new line with copied other 870M gpu line. (the typical inf modding method) - merging modified 970M's section data with 870M. If anyone can help me i will really appriciated.
  2. they does work like 9XX/1XXX Series. it does recognized by windows. what i need is properly modified driver inf file.
  3. Hey. so heres the problem. my 150EM's 970M is dead and im trying to replace it with 870M, but when every time i tries to install a driver with modified inf by myself, it does installs but always returns error 43. i know this happens when i install driver with wrong section inf value in inf, but i dont know how to get right section number without trying one by one. and still, it doesnt means i can get right section number. How can i get right section number, or get right section config? Seems like professional moders like j95 / prema achives without any hassle. Edit : if i wrote this at wrong subforum, please let me know where should i move this to. thanks. Edit2 : also laptopvideo2go's inf mods arent working, assume it doesnt works with Optimus laptops.
  4. How did u found right section num? Bruteforce?
  5. No. Its not. Exactly same thing is happening to me also. I was also using TH2 Build of windows 10 with 364.72 driver. tried to update RS1, and coz i did clean installed windows installed all drivers automatically. than i noticed windows never uses 970M but Intel HD 4000 only. im so fucking pain in ass. what i tried is : - Tried to install latest driver with inf mod, but fails. gives code 43 error at device manager. - Re-flashed vbios as prema's. code 43 is fixed but still windows doesnt use 970M. - Tried to install old driver 353.xx,355.xx But still doesnt uses 970M. - Re-installed windows to TH2 Build. still no go. For fucks sake... What the hell is wrong with 970M? What i tried to do is updating windows to latest build, but makes my ass pain so much. Anyone can help me please?
  6. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3610QM Processor,CLEVO P170EM can someone check it for me please?
  7. 14k?!?! How much did you overclocked?? can you plz share your overclock option?
  8. Using P170EM. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3610QM Processor,CLEVO P170EM [h=1]P5226 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M(1x) and Intel Core i7-3610QM Processor[/h] what the fuck? why only 5226 score? shouldnt it be more than 9000?
  9. Yes! i sucessfully replace the chip which i found at Ebay. thanks for detailed info.
  10. Imgur Blue and samsung NAND.
  11. How can i replace the card? im living at non-us country
  12. Yup! as the title, my 970M's vbios is defective as hell, so im trying to fix this issue. Need advice for how to replace vbios chip at graphic card. if you guyz know somthing, please advice to me
  13. Prema. should i install inf modded driver or not?
  14. Kay. thanks wow its so hard to flash a once
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