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  1. decap

    7970m Driver problem

    Have no clue what the issue is got error 43 now and a "!" next to the gfx when i look on devices.
  2. decap

    7970m Driver problem

    nope managed installing drivers after few hours trying different drivers and shit... So what i did for future refrences(you) : * First i downloaded the latest gfx drivers from amd official and latest intel from their websites *Installed intel gfx *Went into bios; disabled ueif or uief something boot *Turned off laptop * Removed power. Battery out and back in. Turn on *Put fans on full speed with permamods bios so fn+9 *Came back into windows *Extracted the amd setup into c:amd *Cancelled the setup that the extraction runs *Ran setup as admin It now shows normally under display devices as 7970m and no errors! Buuuuut i get black screen after windows loads lol
  3. decap

    7970m Driver problem

    So normally everything ran good and normal but sometimes when i played star wars the game froze randomly but didnt happen often and didnt happen in other games at all. Anyhow last time it froze in game i chose to shut it down and at restart i had some blue screen and black screen after windows logo so i did reinstallation of windows on the laptop. I installed intel onboard gfx drivers first it was fine. Then when i tried to install the amd drivers it started installation fine then screen flashed twice and stayed on blackscreen. Now there is this error (check img link) Imgur Is the card broken? Or is there any way to fix this?
  4. Well thing is alienware users with 7970m dont get the square after disabling enduro so thats why i think its most likely a enduro problem
  5. Hey, anyone who fixed this bug? random black boxes popsup when playing far cry 3 in dx11 mode. But when in dx9 it doesnt happen. Apparently it has to do with enduro. Is there any way to disable enduro like you can do with alienware laptops?. Or does anyone know a fix for this bugg. Also im running latest drivers for 7970m.
  6. or try download drivers for the card
  7. decap

    7970m + mantle

    AMD Catalyst 14.1 Mobility Beta Modded(Mantle API enabled) Driver - Guru3D.com Forums found this on another site (none enduro )
  8. I got w8.1 and mine works fine with hotkey 8.0134
  9. I will check it out. though i got my clocks abit higher on afterburner atm
  10. ok problem sloved.. for future reference if anyones screen starts to flicker just reinstall the onboard card (p150em) Xd or not.. after installing same problem appeared in same games.. going to try update drivers for the onboard card.. FIXED: installed drivers from clevos website for w8 for the intel onboard card.
  11. oki recorded video. On the recordedvideo the game wasnt flickering :X so guess its not the gfx card oO any ideas what to do? edit : okey disabled onboard gfx card.. now i can atleast start skyrim and fallout without flickering anyhow will remove teh driver and reinstall see if it sloves it.
  12. oki well used trixx tweak utality when i oced and gpuz temp was same on both anyhow gotta fix the screen flickering first xd, what memory should i remove? the motherboard one?:x there refresh rate is on 59 in intel hd 4000 settings should i switch that to 60? Also seems wierd its only flickering on games i had since before :S games i installed just now works fine ok.. to specify only happen in beshada games... skyrim and fallout new vegas... also happen in witcher 2. Did not happen in :state of decay,dmc,la norie,max payne 3 and few others so yeah have no idea why it is happening
  13. well refresh rate is same as before, worked fine to play on 1920x1080. what memory do i need to unscrew lol also msi slider as in afterburner?
  14. ok so the screen is flickering only in games but works fine in benchmarks, temp was never over 85 degrees(on overclock) so i wonder if there is any ways to fix it? >_< Add: only happens in 1920 x 1080 720p works fine as an example..
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