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  1. Hello friends, have problem. When i flash mod. bios my notebook not work. When I try to turn on i see a black screen and the noise of the cooler. How i can solve it?
  2. Who can edit fan profile in EC firmware? When notebook is idle very audible fan noise.
  3. Why in my Nvidia control panel i not see Display and Video settings?
  4. Hello friends. I have problems with my y510p(4700mq + single GT755). When I play the game, the fan speed increases. But when I close the game, the fan runs at the same speed, even when the temperature became lower. How to solve this problem? p.s. sorry for my English
  5. Why thermal configuration not work in 3.05 BIOS? For example, i use this settings: And fan profile the same as with default settings. I tried to set 10% for Trip point 1, but fan always spinning faster.
  6. After this step need restart computer and reset BIOS settings?
  7. 3.0.5 mod bios will be work if not update EC firmware?
  8. MSI saves the screws and securing the fan by 2 screws instead of 3. And this premium segment of laptops???
  9. You cant't use RMA because you have mod BIOS and service center see it. Try to flash original VBIOS. Do yo have backup?
  10. Bios for 3.0.5 contains the same or different voltages for 750M and 755M? If you use the same voltage, the 750m can work stably, but the 755 is not.
  11. Hello friends. I want to download biosfixer for lenovo notebooks.
  12. Tonus55

    the new Y50/40

    I grieved of Y50, lenovo use low qualiti display fro this model.Chi Mei N156HGE-EAB have low contrast.
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