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  1. Hello, I have Windows 8.1 Installed on this laptop and a USB thumb drive that has Windows7 image installed. I wanted to boot up my system to usb so I can install Windows7 to this machine, but I couldn't. Normally, other computers I have would let me choose how I would like to boot, but this one will just go straight to Windows 8. I have tried del, f1~12 buttons when lenovo screen comes up during start up. But it wouldn't let me. =(
  2. Hello, I've been wondering about the relationships between the quality of graphics on games and the games' system requirements. I think there are certain games with very high system requirements that has really cool graphics, but there could be another game that has almost the same level of graphics but requires a lot less system resources. I'm just trying to figure out what kind of games I can play since my laptop gets really hot, really fast. =)
  3. That's what I'm actually trying to do. I have a usb thumb drive that has windows7 image but I wasn't able to boot up from the thumb drive. I believe I could download the modified bios when I'm able to do so, and try that. =)
  4. I haven't verified this, but a friend of mine who teaches computer science at a college told me that there had been issues with lenovo computers/laptops that come with backdoors/worms. He said that those 'made in china' computers are stealing personal/corporate's sensitive information. I'm a little afraid that my personal information also have been stolen with my Y510P. =( Any ideas?
  5. My laptop overheats even when I'm not playing higher end games. I think this laptop is built poorly.
  6. anti-glare screen is so much better for me. I can't stand all the glares from screen.
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