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  1. UpdATE: A bit more gameplay and discover stutter is still happening mostly noticeable during driving missions (e.g. fixer) with heavy traffic and/or rain. Sadly, texture setting returned to High, AA off, graphics quality as per High except DoF = Off, LoD and Shadows on Ultra. playable wtih only odd brief stutters, not enough to make me want to smash the PC. Also, tried the uninstall / reinstall of NVIdia drivers, etc though don't see any noticeable improvement. Guess this is it until I get round to updating vbios for extra OC.
  2. OK, so have been playing around with graphic settings since installing this. Originally was running smooth on high textures and most other settings high, but dammit I want maximum playable graphics levels!! So far, have got textures on Ultra, Graphics Quality all Ultra except DoF = Off, GPU buffer frames = 3, VSync =1, AA = SMAA. Still driving around testing though early results are promising!
  3. I just installed this mod and it is has actually helped my graphics performance! Was running most settings on medium and still getting stutter, now on high for most and so far so good. Plus it's looking better to boot. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Hi all, I'm new to upgrading PCs. Moved from console to PC gaming a year ago, so now need to learn more about upgrading the laptop. I have the ONE version of the GT70 laptop with the RAID 0 2x mSATA 128Gb SSD and a 7200rpm second HDD. Have to upgrade to W8.1 and, considering I am getting low on space on the SSDs (from where I run OS and some games), I am wondering what is a good upgrade path. I would like more SSD storage, and have read around the net that 1 SSD gives enough I/O and that RAID 0 doesn't really give any additional real world benefit. My question is though, that because the GT70 second HDD is only SATA II, would that still be the case versus the SATA III RAID 0? And is the thing about RAID 0 giving no real world benefit versus 1 SSD really true? And just to be sure, if games are mostly GPU-throttled, is there any point to even running games on SSD vs HDD? Thanks!
  5. Hi there, I'm a new member. I joined because I found T|I seems to have the most comprehensive information on gaming laptops. I work and play on computers. I'm running a GT70 with 16Gb and GTX680M. New to PC gaming and can see I'll learn a lot of useful tips on T|I
  6. AM red9350, thanks for the note, I have seen some stuff on google about the FPS. So I understand I may not be able to eliminate the stutter, although this has left me wondering if there are any mods / tweaks I can make to my laptop to minimise the impact. Or is it simply, in Watch Dogs case, purely an issue from the game side of things?
  7. Hi all, Been playing Watch Dogs crazily lately, though it is more frequently coming up with stutters and sometimes even crashes the game, saying that NVidia display drivers crashed. Running the game on MSI GT70 on Win8 with 8gb RAM and stock GTX680m using NVidia recommended settings. Game running of SSD. Kinda new to PC gaming, so looking for advice on PC / GPU performance mods or even game config settings. Thanks
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