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  1. x7200 with 980x 680m sli 12gb ram 500gb ssd 2x 750gb hd dual psu
  2. Mokona

    Clevo x7200

    Hi i have x7200 with 680m sli. Is impossible to upgrade to successive gtx card like 780, 880, 980. Sorry.
  3. Hi.I need Clevo 680m - 'OCedition' revised_01.zip OV 1000+ mv. Is possible?
  4. Hi. Im italian. Actually i have: Desktop with Asus Rampage Extreme III, Xeon 6 core, GTX 690 all watercooled Clevo x7200 with i7 980x dual GTX 680m and dual PSU. Alienware 17 whit i7 4710mq 8gb Kingston 2133
  5. I use Gelid GC-Extreme in my PC and decrese 5° in all CPU and GPU i try. Previous i use Artic Silver 5 or other silver based paste. Use laptop cooler like Enermax Aeolus for decrese other 5°.
  6. I have installed Kingston 2133 in my Alienware 14. Notebook see correct frequence and timing but is instable. I try to decrese system fsb to 97,5 mhz with Intel Extreme Tuning and work fine and stable at 2079 mhz. Performance are extremely fastest and system is more reactively. Increse of performance relative why CL is 11.
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