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  1. vikont

    Aspire 6930

    I still own Acer Aspire 6930g, the temps you are getting is very high. My video card died and I replaced it with a quadro fx 770m 512mb ddr3 with vbios version 62.94.7A.01.06 and it works just fine, in your case it might be an upgrade since this card is gt9600m variant. For the temps the, ambient temp in here is 30 degrees and the card under load hits 77 max without without using fan control, if i use fan control utulity it drops just under 60 degrees. So you should get your thermal paste replaced Arctic mx-4 or Gelid GC Extreme depending on your the budget for both your cpu and gpu. Good luck.
  2. vikont

    Best Thermal Paste

    I switched from Arctic MX-4 to Gelid GC extreme and the temps are nearly 5~6 degrees less under the load, though the price is a bit high but it seems to be the best out in market.
  3. vikont

    Notebook Cooling Pad

    Instead of buying one of these with fans because they blow dust into your laptop and it gets hotter and hotter every time and kills your laptop, you should consider laptop stands without fans. You can also a hollow riser out of a cut up cardboard box as suggested by tornado9015.
  4. One of the important disadvantage is the casing quality. Nearly 95% of the laptops in the market has plastic casing and it wears and shows cracks in some important parts like the area hinges etc, the lifetime of the laptop is pretty short if it is used for stuff expect gaming and other hardcore stuff. Before buying a new laptop, I check out if the model has been disassembled to see how those mentioned parts look, if it looks sturdy, i go for that model.
  5. vikont

    MSI G-Series Unlocked BIOS

    Hi, I have MS-1762 (i7-3630qm & 675mx, OS: Win8.1) with Bios version "E1762IF8.70U" and EC version "1762EG61 ver 5.02". My question is flashing the unlocked version of 3.0G will be a downgrade or is the same version with unlocked settings?
  6. I clean the screen with LCD/LED cleaner kit and it looks as it new. Also using silicone cover for keyboard is pretty good, since you will be touching it many times higher than your screen, keeping it clean takes a lot of trouble. Just wash the silicone cover and place it back in a 2-3 days and long live the keyboard

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