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  1. - - - Updated - - - What i ment is that PCIexpress 1x 2.0 runs at 1gb/s meaning it runs at 500mbs/500mbs up and down. This means the card is being bottlenecked quite hard, but regardless, still offers good performance from you old card.
  2. When I go to devie manager -> Select a folder on disk -> it tells me: the best driver has already been installed (Microsoft Basic display adapter) EDIT: Nvm i found out what the Have Disk method was. EDIT 2: Damn, my benchmark scores went up by almost 1000 points.
  3. I dont really care for DDR4, what I care for is m.2, advanced BIOS and GPU upgrades. Also i'd like it when the models could be thinner, but keep their cooling performance in check.
  4. That it is running only at PCIexpress 1x speeds. Did you click the ? icon next to the bus interface text to trigger the max speed of your pci express slot? (in GPU-Z)
  5. Did you resolve your issue yet? I used a .inf file and installed the latest driver. But it still did not use the card, weird thing is, Photoshop CC 2015 is the ONLY and I repeat ONLY program that uses it, even when I try to force 3D apps in the nvidia control panel. - - - Updated - - - Sorry i just read your post, I will try to do so when I get the time EDIT: Upgrading to Windows 10 once again, as we speak.
  6. I did this around 5x and it didn't work. Could this be related to my 157SM not supporting the 970M by default and requiring a INF edit?
  7. Thanks for looking it up! Seems that it is only running with 500/500 bandwidth which is i think a quite big bottleneck But still a major improvement over your iGpu
  8. Could you check with GPUZ? When you click the "?" it opens a little test program that runs the stresstest to see the max bandwidth.
  9. Thats pretty amazing. How did you connect it inside your laptop? Is it using the little mpcie slot used for the wifi card for example?
  10. It depends on what you are planning to do with it. 980M SLI is quite overkill if you for instance have a desktop next to it.
  11. No, right now the pixel density for me doesnt cut it.
  12. I ordered my 960M 6gb from ebay. Buy you could also try Eurocom, since they are able to sell parts too.
  13. I have the P157SM with a 970M 6gb and the Prema v2 mod, however my Optimus doesnt work for games and benchmarks...
  14. I have a feeling that Windows 10 not working nicely with my Optimus is a result of my P157SM having a 970M without the BIOS support. Anyone got the same issues?
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