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  1. hi dean007 in your signature "Asus G751JT | Gtx 970M 3GB (1458Mghz Core/ 5810Mghz Mem | i7-4710MQ 3.7Ghz | 16GB DDR3 1866Mgzh RAM | 256GB SSD Crucial | 1TB 10k HDD | 1080p IPS Panel | " how you can have i7-4710mq? is that true? how sir? and 1TB 10k (10.000) RPM HDD is it 2.5 HDD? i try to find hdd for laptop above 7200rpm but i can't find it for the disassambley is ther any video or PDF Manual? i'm afraid, i can't remember the cable arrangement thanks
  2. sir, is the silent mode will cause throttle?
  3. sir, i found outsite for me firmware for 2012 model is for now...is that true? what is the diferent? is that ok to update? is that already included in p37xem/em3 bios? sorry for so many question
  4. i bought this laptop in my country and i tell the seller "i want upgrade my np9370 display to 3D version" they tell me yes i can and i just need bring the laptop to their warehouse may be if i upgrade it, they will change the motherboard so can fit 3D display how about the compatibality with gtx980m? can it get the full feature of a 120hz display just like 680m sli? except the 3D vision of course
  5. after upgrade to gtx980m sli and with my display is 60hz if i upgrade it to 120hz can it work? although the 3D will not work at least the fresh rate is 120Hz and when VSync enable it's not hold at 60, will it work like that? or the system will not boot? thank you
  6. use GTX9xxM vBIOS Mods v1.1.1 and then mod the driver .inf? so the gtx980m can work to the maximum?
  7. okay sir, how about Clevo P157SM with modded bios and vbios from you can i use GTX980M? thanks again.
  8. for clevo p157sm-a sir, if i install this bios, do i need to instal vbios too? so far i know this model support up to gtx980m and which is good to use stock bios or this bios....i'm actually new and do research on this series and many comment on the web say install prema bios and i don't know what is that and what is the benefit... lastly sorry if it's offense you, no mean to offense you thanks
  9. i'm looking for upgrade my clevo p370em gpu from 680m sli to 980m sli my cpu i7-3820qm do i need to upgrade this too? so the step is like: 1 buy this Eurocom VGA Images 2 swap old gpu with new one 3 instal p370em prema bios and vbios 980m 4 install nvidia 9xxm driver from eurocom Eurocom Model Drivers 5 then my card get fully performance and able to overclock? for the prema bios for p380em which one should i download? is that right? thank you
  10. just finished watching The GODFATHER expecting not a good quality picture but when i watch it it's amazing
  11. hi, i want to buy Clevo p370em this week because i just found this laptop can use 980m in sli is that ok? thank you
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