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  1. Hi My friend got Error 43. Hp Pavilion i7 3632QM, iGPU intel HD 4000 , no dGPU. How can he fix it? THANK YOU GUYS
  2. @Tech Inferno Fan, Is it possible eGPU with a Dell 1525 ( Intel Dual Core T2390 CPU) internal screen? Should I ask you Setup 1.3? THANKS A LOT
  3. HI I want to know If I purchase the Setup 1.3 to use it in Win10, I might use eGPU like in Win 8.1. Cheers
  4. @Tech Inferno Fan I did the implemention here for an external monitor http://forum.techinferno.com/implementation-guides-pc/10305-11-clevo-w110er-gtx960%404gbps-mpcie-exp-gdc-beast-win7-64-%5Btimilllo%5D.html But i can't use the egpu in LCD internal screen mode :S Any help?
  5. Holaa La respuesta que te dio Morv, que coincide con la mia, es que tienes un portatil con una CPU de casi 9 años que funciona a 1.8GHz, por lo que usar eGPU no vale mucho la pena. Yo tengo un clevo w110er con una cpu i7 3630QM + 960 G1 y en juegos solo se aprovecha la mitad de la potencia de la 960. En tu caso seria demasiada perdida y te convenga mejor hacerte un pc de escritorio normal para jugar. Saludos
  6. Has anyone managed of running eGPU in W10 with just eGPU and with just iGPU cases? THANKS
  7. Fullscreen same result - - - Updated - - - Try to go to nvidia panel and change the bar to "Performance". Also I changed the color resolution to 16 bits and selected "High Performance" laptop plan when gaming. - - - Updated - - - Try to go to nvidia panel and change the bar to "Performance". Also I changed the color resolution to 16 bits and selected "High Performance" laptop plan when gaming.
  8. I don't know sorry According to HWInfo-PCIE Link Speed: -The dedicated GT650M got 8Gbps -The eGPU+960 got 5Gbps
  9. I have a clevo W110er+eGPU+960 G1 (2GB version) and here you can see the performance in BF4: http://forum.techinferno.com/implementation-guides-pc/10305-11-clevo-w110er-gtx960%404gbps-mpcie-exp-gdc-beast-win7-64-%5Btimilllo%5D.html 1. eGPU adapters from HWtools are better than bangood adaptar (EXP GDC BEAST) but HWtools adapts cost me about 100€ (50+50duties&taxes) and it was cheaper the EXP GDC BEAST (42€). In my case, it runs pretty well. 2.Don't understand what are you asking for 3. mPCIE eGPU runs the 80-85% desktop performance. For example the gigabyte 960 G1 in 3dmark11 the desktop version scores 11000points. In my case, with eGPU in my pc the gigabyte 960 G1 scores 8200points. The loss is about 25% comparing desktop performance. If you buy the eGPU adapter, please add bencharmarks results and gameplays please
  10. Yes my friendd, just using the little mPCIE slot used for the wifi card!
  11. I installed Windows 10 (no clean install, just "update" the SO) BUT the 960 wasn't recognised and I couldn't find the gpu in Device Manager... I unistall the nvidia drivers and tried to install the W10drivers but it started a reset loop. I decided to go back to windows 7 until somebody can manage to run it.
  12. which nvidia drivers did you install? Did you have to install intel graphics drivers? thanks
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