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  1. Hi, i own a P775DM3-G with an i7-6700 and a gtx1080. What advantages can i get flashing this modded bios, other than bios level CPU undervolting? Currently i'm undervolting via Throttlestop and my temperatures got slightly better, but the video card still hits 80+ °C and begins to throttle. I'd like to prevent the gpu from throttling, would the modded bios help?
  2. Unfortunately it's not optimized for pc hardware yet. If you do a quick search on google you'll see many people raging because of the low fps
  3. Matte finish, wins hands down. Glossy gets fingerprints everywhere, especially on touch screens, while matte is always clean-looking
  4. Hi! My name is Simone, i'm italian and i'm studying computer science. Of course i'm in love with technology, and i own an iMac (mid 2012), a Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 and a Galaxy S3.
  5. Lenovo Y500 Windows 8.1 8GB RAM DDR3, Intel® Core i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz, dual nvidia geforce gt 650m, 750gb hdd 7200 rpm
  6. I really cannot thank you enough for this guide! I found an Y500 whithout the screen, ram and cpu and after stealing some components from work i created "Franken". Unfortunately its original wifi card was not present, and i had to pick a black-listed one. Finally now i can use that card!!
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