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  1. @Imagios I could help. What do you have in mind?
  2. Because I didn't follow the the latest developments for the OSX script... What is the current way to install a eGPU in OSX? Since the script from @goalque is discontinued, what is the alternative? I guess the script should still work for OSX 10.9-10.11, right?
  3. 2 cards would only make sense for rendering apps. Don't consider it for games. Any normal gpu calculation app will work very well with the TB2 bandwidth.
  4. To me bottlenecks appeared only in benchmarks by lower scores and in games with lower fps! The problems you are describing seem to be CPU related. My guess would be that the CPU will down clock in stressful situations and create a performance drop. Make sure your CPU boost is limited to 3GHz, turn off every CPU hungry app, lift the MacBook a bit up to provide optimal cooling and try lowering your CPU voltage with intel xtu (doesn't work on all MacBooks)
  5. I had 5 different 970 one 980Ti and now a1080. All had coil whine/buzzing. Even high end PSUs will not help. The Problem are the coils on the GPUs.
  6. GTX 9x0 and 10x0 cards will create buzzing on the card or PSU very often. unfortunately this is normal
  7. Try ans install the latest Intel graphics driver as well.
  8. Yes remote to ground! make sure the 6pin gets 3x ground an 3x 12v. I would also recommend to bundle all 12v to one join point and split them to the required 3 pins. Same for ground. So you can spread the load evenly.
  9. Cable is no problem, but I am currently on vacation and a cable would be ready in 3 weeks. Just PM me
  10. You will need a riser angled to the right. Sth. like the DeLock 41914 and also a flexible riser. Take a look at my build (last picture):
  11. That sounds interesting. Are talking about radiators for watercooled GPUs?
  12. You should power the eGPU trough it's 8-Pin and the barrel plug from one PSU.
  13. Good job AKiTiO! Looks way better than the pink/purple thing you did show before ^^
  14. You need a 12V PSU, the one you linked has 19.5V. There are not a lot of 12V PSUs, since 19.5V PSU are more efficient and more common on the market. Check for guides with similar GPUs, if they made it work with only powering the setuep through the barrel plug. Regarding the 4k... please ask goalque here if 4k would work, because I think 4k capability is linked to the Mac Version. Especially [email protected] might be tricky. https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/7989-script-automating-the-installation-of-egpu-on-os-x-inc-display-output/
  15. AFAIK he is making a living from rendering and is using an eGPU for accelerating his work flow. (One man company) He is just worried you might sue him.
  16. I am very certain that is not what he meant! As long as you are not going to release your own commercial eGPU like Bizon/Kickstarter you are fine
  17. Hi, I would recomend to use these parts: for soldering: http://www.voelkner.de/products/654076/BKL-Electronic-Niedervolt-Anschlusskabel-Niedervolt-Stecker-offenes-Ende-5.5-mm-2.5-mm-2-m-1-St.html?WT.mc_id=affilinet&ref=39&products_model=V654211&utm_source=affilinet&utm_medium=CPC&utm_campaign=V654211&affmt=2&affmn=6 if you can't or don't want to solder use the one with the screw terminals you linked. My current approach would be to get a 8-pin PCIe extension and solder the 7th pin remote pin to a ground cable. Use a 6-pin PCIe splitter to get two 6-pins out of the 6 useable pins of the 8-pin extension (6-pin to 2x6-pin splitter if possible). If you want to close the GPU in the AKiTiO without cutting the top, you will need a angled 6-pin. Only available in the US: http://www.ebay.com/itm/PCI-E-6-PIN-90-degree-left-power-extension-with-low-low-profile-Made-In-USA-/261391561885?hash=item3cdc26b49d:g:8h4AAOxyVLNS8q-N If you need help making a cable, I could solder you one. Already made a lot of AKiTiO cables. But I strongly recommend to get the angled 6-pin from the US or use a regular one and cut the case!
  18. You will be fine, just connect the power to the AKiTiO without an GPU, connect the Thunderbolt cable and see if it works.
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