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  1. I'm facing error 43 with a thunder 2 and an Intel Nuc DC3217BY (which has tb1) No problems with a 13 MBP mid 2014 and the same egpu setup. Contacted intel, they said it's a controller incompatibility.. but Yukikaze had a same config perfectly functional.. Please help Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. Tried the TB/mini DP capability of the NUC with an HDMI adapter and it works flawlessly. Intel keeps saying that the tb controller isn't capable to handle a tb2 device. Egpu setup still works great with my tb2 MBP mid 2014. C'mon guys don't leave me alone!
  3. UPDATE i tried this but nothing good happened. The driver installs but after the reboot, nothing displayed. I connected the NUC with teamviewer at another pc and I manage to open the device manager, which displayed the 970 in the graphic cards BUT with the alert yellow triangle (error message in italian: "Il dispositivo ha riportato un problema ed è stato interrotto. (Codice 43)" ||in english shoub be Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems(Code 43) ) Any help would be appreciated
  4. Hi, I have a similar configuration, using a 13 MBP and a NUC DC3217BY with a Thunder2 and a gtx970 Jetstream. I have some questions, first, shall I use the HDMI on the NUC or on the card? About now I'm on the NUC port, and -second- i'm experiencing problems in installing the drivers. I tried several times by deactivating internal graphics, installing uninstalling and so on.. but shame on me I've not tried to plug the HDMI of the card.
  5. hi guys, I've just updated my config from the plexiglass handmade one to a clearer Inter-Tech GmbH - ITX SY-800, you can see both in the pics. One question only, I used a powered riser, and forgot completely to consider the space occupied by the riser curve, so temporarily I fixed the gorgeous JetStream 970 with three firm, affordable, cable ties. It is locked, but I can't access the back outputs and it's quite ugly respect to the rest, imho. Would be a problem if I add a 90 degrees pci curve? Should I have to change the riser? Is it mandatory to have the molex power? Thanks in advance and hope you like my work. EDIT: about now I can't find powered angled risers "in the direction I need". So the chances are - no power angled riser - powered riser + passive curve which one is less performance draining?
  6. can't believe noone have an idea By watching System Summary I get these messages: (no drivers loaded)
  7. Goodmorning everyone, I am happy owner of the object in title for 3 months. After a while I purchased a Thunderbolt 2 disk Lacie d2, 3TB. Right from the start it is ALWAYS been a pain to make it work. Often the hard drive is blinking, and the Mac does not see it, or even it doesn't turn on. After frequent rebooting, prayers and other tricks it maybe works, otherwise I have to use it via usb3. Tried to reset anything .. smc, nvram, the Mac itself (initialized) .. but nothing to do. Maybe you do not have the problem for a couple of times, then there falling back. I also tried changing the connection sequence (the Lacie instructions say to first connect the tb, then power the unit) I also went to the Genius Bar, but the outcome was always the same; after n trials, it all seems ok, then bang. I'm afraid it is a PC problem .. probably it's the same problem that randomly freeze my mac into boot for many seconds, then it wakes up like nothing (Tried to leave it work, often it takes a minute to start!) HW specs are Intel Core i5 (I5-4278U), 8 Gb RAM 1600 MHz DDR3L, Intel Iris 5100 Help == EDIT === 25-10-2016 Another visit to the genius bar .. this time I was told that it could be to change the logic board, because the TB2 circuit could be damaged. The fact that it works after reset nvram / smc may suggest an incorrect current distribution. Some idea? I want to clarify once again that when they work, I have NEVER had a problem .. disconnections or similar .. Basically I was told that the repair would be more than half of the Mac, so you might as well keep it and use the USB. The hardware diagnostic told that everything ok, though.
  8. Mine, first is a terribile coil whine under heavy load. I use a chineese mATX psu because the DA2 is almost under wattage for my JetStream 970 (I've read it can peak 207w, even if I've never pass 120-130 in game) Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. Ok so I'll go in peace with the cpu temp. I think I'll give a try to a better psu, hope that helps with the noise. I purchased two pwm corsair fans (the sp120l, adopted by h100i) and a temperature regulated controller, whose sensor I'm going to put between the gpu and the akitio board. I think I'll set the fork at 50-70º C or maybe 40-60.. gotta do some trials Will keep up to date also with some pics Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  10. Wow.. I'm going to buy a Silverstone or a Chieftech gold 80+.. shall I left them where they are? Another thing.. not inherent to PSU.. my CPU temp in game is stable @ 90* C.. in Windows, with internal monitor.. is it normal? Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  11. This is right my case. So I have to get a better PSU. I think I'll go for a BeQuiet SFX 450w, by now it's the better quality/price I found. But.. why this is happening? In my case -like I said- I didn't found evidence of two separate 12v lines, they come right from the same welding pad on the pcb. The total amperage should drive everything without problems. Last but non least.. shall I have to consider the split lines on the new psu? Better single or multi rail? Are there difference in the connection I will make in function of this? Sorry about the amount of questions and thank you and to the other contributors Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  12. really?! So it's useless to try with a better PSU? Is the DELL DA2 insuficient? By your competence, is anything wrong with the entire setup? Thank you
  13. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, Mac world and also to eGPU world! So I decided the better thing to do is to put my hands right into the mud.. I purchased an used, original Akitio, a Palit GTX970 JetStream and a cheap Micro ATX PSU (Vultech GS500M) - My pc is a mid 2014 MacBook Retina with Windows 10 and Sierra (I5 2.6 GHz, 8Gb RAM, Intel Iris 5100, 256Gb SSD). First thing first, I prepared the PSU to power all the things. The datasheet says it is a 500w, with two 12v rails, 29A total (348w). I cut all the connectors, isolated the other lines I won't use (3.3, 5v, 5vsb and -12v), shorted the power on with a negative. Then I had six 12v positives, and all the commons. I gathered 4 wires and solder them to the positive of the two PCI 6 pin cables, same I did for the negatives, except two. I used the remaining wires (2 positives and 2 negatives) to make the barrel connection for the akitio. Tested without anything plugged, it works (fan spinning) Then I build a plexiglass enclosure to contain everything, i kept the layout of the original metal case, so the position of the board is the same; next to the video card, on the opposite wall I planned to install the psu, with the air intake obvously facing the outside, and the air output in the rear. In the front I installed a 120mm fan, plugged into the fan port of the Akitio board. I partially assembled all the parts, leaving the top and the right side (opposite to the board, to be clear), and power on. Surprisingly, nothing blew up... I managed to make the card recognized by Windows, installed the drivers, AND make some gaming - benchmark test to test the setup. I made a short session of Farming Simulator 2015 and suddenly nothing wrong .. BUT .. after some minutes the PSU started to buzz. The more the card required power (by doing some "complex" tasks), the more PSU buzzed. I also tested with Unigine Valley, in ultra setup. Everything worked, I made two benchmarks, I reached 85°C on the GPU and 96° (WOW..) on the CPU.. And now.. my concerns.. - is the PSU buzzing just because is sh*tty? Or I made some terrible mistake by wiring, soldering and so? I took a look inside it and TBH.. even if I don't know electronics so deep to reverse engineering I noticed that 12v wires come ALL from the same pad on the pcb.. so I guess it's not a problem to put them together. If the power table is correct .. I should get nearly 350 w from the 12v line .. during the benchs I logged the power consumption with HWINFO, and the 970 drew about 120w on its peak .. if summed with the Akitio I get less then 200w .. far more behind the limit.. - the temperatures .. ok 85° in full load would not scare me if the GTX was inside my good old desktop gaming rig .. but here I think the game is different, is there any risk to "cook" the Akitio Board? The space between the card and the board is really low (I'm not using a riser), I'm thinking about improving the ventilation by drilling many holes in the wall very next to the board, and maybe installing a more efficient fan connected directly to the 12v. Would it be ok? - the riser .. TBH I don't really know if I need the riser or not. By now the card is plugged directly into the Akitio Board, powered by the buzzing PSU, that also power the board. Everything works even if the mentioned troubles above. Any kind of suggestion is accepted, last things to say, I'm quite able to solder and etcetera. I own also a Dell DA2, but I preferred to make an "everything integrated" solution and last but not least .. JetStream GTX970 on review peaked quite 200w itself. I need more power, I guess. Ok I'm risking to be lynched .. but just to know .. I decided to mod directly the PSU by following a guide taken on the web .. stupid or not it's not my invention I attach a pic of the connection I made, of the PSU board and the power table Here are some pics of my setup .. on idle and with low gpu load it's running fine, no buzz BUT no load .. tested again Unigine and here are the results (AGAIN the psu is buzzing). Respect to the post I modified the case by drilling holes behind the Akitio Board, drilling the psu case, and most important, I dressed the power wires of the akitio board with a silicone-fiberglass sheath to protect it from the heat produced by the gpu. Again, thanks.. any hint would be appreciated.
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