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  1. I haven't been able to get my internal cards working again, mostly due to being busy with school right now. I believe I went through the process of setting up the egpu, then rebooted with the internal graphics card re enabled in bios with an external display connected to external card. I didn't do any benchmark to see if it was a display error in device manager, but I do remember seeing at some point both 750ms and my external 970 listed there. Sorry I can not be of more help, but I don't have time to figure out what I did exactly at this point.
  2. Is there anywhere I can purchase a replacement mPCIE to hdmi cable for the BPlus PE4L v2.1? I would rather not buy a whole new eGPU setup if possible.
  3. I got the 750s working with little fuss. Will write up a tutorial later if there is interest, but currently the only side effect is needing to remove the second 750m before booting with the egpu. Appears to be quite easily done, just need to reboot each time you swap from sli and egpu configurations.
  4. My only portability changes were physical, not software. I am not home right now, and don't want to mess too much with the drivers right now, as I could end up without a usable system if I screwed. I will try some experimentation this Saturday to see if I can use the two 750ms and the egpu without much fussing.
  5. I am curious about the drivers issue, I never got the 750m working under the same driver as the 970. I did a small case mod to my laptop to maintain portability. Basically, the HDMI cable comes out underneath the right USB port. I will upload pictures if anybody is interested.
  6. Build: Lenovo Y510P CPU: Intel core i7 4700mq @ 3.40ghz dgpu: GT750m (disabled via bios) igpu: intel HD 4600 egpu: MSI GTX 970 4GB Gaming ram: 16gb Testing / benchmarking. On an external screen, I get 8552 on 3dmark. On my internal screen, I get 6950, with the graphics score being significantly lower (~3000 points lower). I feel like the optimus compression is not working correctly, as my performance drop is ~20% on my internal lcd compared to ~10% on other people's internal screens. I am also seeing huge differences in game performance. GTA V I get ~100fps on my external monitor, yet only ~30fps on my internal. BL2 I get ~150+ fps on external monitor, but only ~45 on internal. There are similar performance losses in other games, it does not appear to be specific to any particular program. I have the latest 353.30 NVidia drivers installed, and the latest intel graphics drivers installed. I did a clean install of windows to no avail. Is this level of performance normal? It seems like I am missing out on a lot of performance here,
  7. Did some more testing / benchmarking. On external screen, I get 8552 on 3dmark. On my internal screen, I get 6950, with the graphics score being significantly lower (~3000 points). I feel like the optimus compression is not working correctly, as my performance drop is ~20% on my internal lcd compared to ~10% on op's internal screen. Is there anything I am doing incorrectly here?
  8. Do you guys see a huge performance drop in GTA V? On my external monitor I get like 80-100 fps, internal I get less than 30.
  9. When i use an external monitor, I get 80-100fps in GTA V. On the internal monitor I get about 30. Is this typical, or am I setup incorrectly? I did a clean install of windows and the problem persists. EDIT: I feel like my problem is something with optimus, but not sure where to start. Get decent 3DMark scores. Computer: Lenovo Y510P Os: Windows 8.1 64bit Processor: Intel core i7 4700MQ (2.4ghz, oced to 3.6) igpu: intel hd graphics 4600 egpu: MSI Gaming GTX 970 (PE4C v2.1a) ram: 16gb DDR3
  10. Mine was working, then I clean installed the bios and os (long story) and now it doesn't work correctly. My internal dGPU still shows up in device manager, along with the 970. I cannot open NVidia Control Panel, it simply states I have no displays connected. Could one of you post your exact bios settings that got yours to work, I have been fiddling for hours and cannot for the life of me get it working again.
  11. Got it working, had to mess with drivers some. Not getting full performance it seems though. 6874 in 3dmark on internal display, no external to test it with. Is there a way to see what speed my pci port is operating at? Did you do any overclocking anywhere?
  12. Followed your steps, but laptop appears to only use internal intel card now. Is there something I am missing? Y510p user here.
  13. Did you ever benchmark this thing? Curious to see how much of a performance loss there was. Also curious about your routing of the cable from the wifi card slot.
  14. It will be hot, sure. But the second card really does noticeably improve performance in graphics intense games. You can disable SLI when not gaming, and your heat should be (about) the same as it was before. Only caveat, you ABSOLUTELY NEED to be plugged in while gaming with this computer. Battery life isn't the main issue, it is the awful lenovo software that forcibly underclocks the GPUs to 135mhz on battery, making them unusable.
  15. This person: http://forum.techinferno.com/implementation-guides-pc/10391-14-lenovo-y410p-ideapad-gtx970%404gbps-c-mpcie2-pe4c-2-1-win8-1-a.html used their y410p (almost the exact same) with their wifi slot. I will be following suit with my y510p, but need a few paychecks before I can purchase an adapter + gpu.
  16. Did you get the internal LCD to display images rendered from your external card? If so, was there a performance loss? Also, did you unplug the wifi card for the pci-e slot? Thinking of doing this with my y510p.
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