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  1. the problem with ideaFan is that it works only under Windows. I need to unlock fan speed under Debian (Linux). So i thought the only way to do what i was trying to do, was only via Bios setting. Cut the brown wire is not a good choise because fans will always run at 100% speed and, ignoring the noise, will short the fan life.
  2. Update Nvidia driver, it will fix the problem. (Y510p with 755m and same issue soveld by updating drivers)
  3. the problem is that in "idle" state the laptop reach 50° C (without ideaFan) and so i was tring to find a way to reduce the gpu work or just the temp.
  4. and so, what do u suggest me between anotherone 755m on ultrabay (SLI) or just a cooler on ultrabay?
  5. As the title say, what i have to edit to set fan speed on a fixed % (70 or 80%)? I have already tried in the thermal section of the bios without success, so i was asking to myself if someone has already done it. Is there someone who can share his knownedge ? thanks
  6. Hi, i have recently bought a Lenovo Y510p that has the SLI feature. So, my question is, does it (SLI) really worth the price (of buying another gpu on ultrabay)? Because i read (googled it) a lots of heat issues. What do you (all fo you) think about that?
  7. Someone know just the name ? Who is still playing it?
  8. What about benchmarks and price?
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