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  1. Well, guys, I have to say that this has been a long run for me with this project, and I have had fun experimenting. But everything must come to an end. I have decided that this August, I will stop using the eGPU project, as I have purchased components to build my future gaming PC, as this laptop will be used for my job. I sincerely thank you anyone who is involved in developing and troubleshooting this project. I'm considering selling the adapter once I've finished building my PC. My advice to you: work hard and don't give up! You'll see the results of your work if you are patient, especially with this one. I have bought 970 for my gaming rig, not for my eGPU project, so this would truly mark the end of my run as a volunteer of this job. Once again, thanks everyone, and I hope to see you all again.
  2. Hey nando, any way to run the setup while the bios is set to UEFI? Because I have a friend here trying to boot the setup with a usb bootable, but it directs him to windows instead. His laptop specs: MSi GE60-02 Intel Core i7-4800QM 12 GB RAM dGPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 765M eGPU: GTX960 PSU: GIGABYTE 500W
  3. Hopefully this would solve the Gen2 signal problems on PE4C.
  4. Based on the tests we have, we can say that PE4C 2.1 isn't capable of running some Nvidia's GPUs at Gen2, while it is with AMD graphics cards.
  5. It depends on what processor does your laptop have. If it is at least 1st gen (Arandale), then there would be no problem running the graphics card with laptop screen. Also, did you try these steps: 1- Right after the bios startup screen, press F8 to enter Advanced Boot options. 2- Connect the eGPU to the laptop. 3- Select "Start Windows Normally" option.
  6. After a lot of decision making, I have decided that I would end my eGPU project soon. I will go building a gaming PC, since I have about 2 same cards but different brands, a PSU, a monitor, and a case. I thank you everyone who helped me in achieving such a great milestone, especially @Tech Inferno Fan, I won't forget the experience that I've been through.
  7. It is seems that I'm getting display driver has stopped error even when running at Gen1 speed. I'm starting to lose hope with this thing. I'm thinking about building a gaming PC if there is no solution. and I don't want to order another product that may have the same problem.
  8. Guys, I think the problem, " Display driver stopped working", is related to the expresscard cable when running the eGPU at Gen2 speed. If anyone is experience this, I suggest trying another Gen2/3 capable Expresscard cable.
  9. Any difference between this and the previous version?
  10. What I meant was if it's possible for pe4c parts would work with exp gdv v6 base.
  11. Perhaps if people would stop buying products from them, then they may start thinking about lowering the price.
  12. Would I miss anything if I ordered EXP GDC V6 adapter only? I have pin connecter, express card cord and a power supply.
  13. If anyone has PE4C V2.0, please do Gen2 link test. Maybe it's me, but I'm struggling to make it run without error, the driver display error appears on Gen2 more often than on Gen1.
  14. We've recently created a new thread to discuss about Bplus's PE4C V2.0. Share your experience about it, and please if you have any question, don't hesitate to ask: <!-- title / author block --> Bplus PE4C V2.x discussion Also in this thread, we'll discuss about new versions of PE4C, so check more often.
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