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  1. @stoja I can't tell from that picture. Could you zoom out? If you don't see the cable there then it is on the other side of the motherboard. @Dlob708 Do you have a MSI branded GX60 or a whitebook? If you have a bad firmware flash you need to RMA the laptop.
  2. Does it work now? Look at the pictures on the 2nd post for where the CMOS cable is. There is one. This is one of the first reports of a straight brick that I've heard of.
  3. Xonar

    Msi- 1762-gtx 780m

    Disappointing news. So 780m is a no go in the GT70, but works in GT60? Also, 770m works in Sandy Bridge non-optimus 16F2?? Talk about confusing.
  4. Looks good. I can only overclock my core by 20mhz and memory by 25mhz. I got unlucky. Grats to you. Sent from my HTC Sensation
  5. I own a sshd (seagate momentus xt3) as a secondary and the nand makes no difference because its a secondary. just get a plain hdd like khenglish posted.
  6. hwinfo32 works. Be sure to run a game while it's running and then check out the Max GPU voltage it gives.
  7. It'll be Haswell. Anything else won't make sense for MS; it'd be a downgrade. AMD Temash/Kabini? No, power consumption way too high and performance too low. Remember, with the Surface Pro MS is setting a precedent they OEMs to follow, that's the reason they released the Surface series. If anything, they are trying to downsize tablets with OEMs releasing 8" Atom Win8 tablets. I don't think a 14.6" tablet is practical. My 11.6" is borderline huge IMO.
  8. Wait for Haswell. It's literally around the corner. Plus, the prices for the current generation will go down just by you waiting. So it's a win-win if you don't have to buy at this moment. Next month we should have solid numbers on benchmarks and power consumption.
  9. I came here to view the post even though I don't own this laptop. Does that make me obligated to comment?
  10. As long as it isn't overheating, I can't see a problem with a free over clock. :-) Out of curiosity, what's the voltage it runs at? Sent from my HTC Sensation
  11. Should do the trick.
  12. I mean: ALL 680M GTX will not work in the 16F2/683 notebook.
  13. Unless I've missed something while I've been gone, it won't work on the MSI 683.
  14. Guys -- sorry for disappearing for a while (I'm still alive). I apologize for the absolutely shitty communication I've had with the T|I community and my superiors. I actually do log in every now and then to check PMs, threads, etc, but I just haven't been able to find time for my hobbies (gaming, moding, etc). I've moved into a new place, bought a new car, work part-time, changed my major (taking 18 credit hours this semester), transferred to a different university and now I have finals coming up as well as multiple certification exams! The amount of paperwork, bureaucracy, personal meetings and "settling in" I've had to deal with in the past 2-3 months has taken its toll on my extra-circulars. Trust me, I have not abandoned you, rather, I've reorganized my priorities. Spamming me with PMs "Will donate for mod!" won't change the fact that I'm just too busy. As always, I don't require donations; I do my best to service this great community for free. But, I have to find time first! P.S. I've also reformatted to Windows 8. That's a whole new learning experience as well. /wink
  15. Xonar

    Path of Exile

    Not very long, ~3-4 hours of gameplay per act. I never tried the PvP, it looks incredibly bland.
  16. Xonar

    Path of Exile

    Everyone I know loves the game. I beat it once, but couldn't get myself to beat the game another two times.
  17. For starters, that a ton of thermal paste. You don't need that much, even though I understand that you are bridging a gap. After a certain point it negatively affects your temps. Glad to see you've fixed the temps though.
  18. Sometimes a format is your only option.
  19. Xonar

    Gt683r massive drops

    CPU throttle, for sure. Download Throttlestop and selected the desired settings. Download & flash unlocked BIOS for your notebook and raise power limits and turbo time limits. No more CPU throttle. Just be sure to watch your temps because your CPU will run hotter when it has full turbo going always!
  20. @omega939, I have answered your question weeks ago here: http://forum.techinferno.com/msi/2511-msi-gt683-nvidia-675m-%3D-true.html#post36776 Yes, it should. 670M = 570M = Fermi high-end without Optimus. People have flashed their 570M to 670M for fun and it worked. I might depend on which vendor vBIOS you have to flash though (I think it's Dell that you want, but do your research first).
  21. CPU: 2960XM is the best, 2860QM is probably the best bang-for-buck CPU. GPU: AMD 7970M (non-enduro) with modified heatsink is the best GPU upgrade for your notebook. RAM: No clue, only tried 16GB. Note: If you don't already, get a 180W or better PSU. You can download any file on here because you are a premium member. If you have any issues, let @Brian know.
  22. Xonar

    ATI 7970m on MSI GT60

    Correct. And Kepler doesn't work because Nvidia introduced Optimus from the top to bottom this generation.
  23. I would if I could. CPU is OC'ed. GPU not so much, my core/memory is crap. Can only tolerate like a 5% OC.
  24. Have you ever reformatted before? It could be some software you are using. Are you using integrated graphics? I bet that will be reserving some RAM for sure. But 4.6GB seems kinda high...
  25. Yes, you can disable/enable HyperThreading. You disable RAID yourself in the BIOS after flashing. Try to reinstall it. No sorry man. I haven't had any bad luck and everything about blind flashing I know is from reading other people say it works on the web. - - - Updated - - - What tool from MSIHQ? Just ask. If I don't respond promptly, it doesn't mean I'm ignoring you. It means I haven't had time to catch up on here.
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