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  1. Hi everyone, I have a desktop intel gaming PC. I manual overclock the pc to 5.0 Ghz with these setting in bios Core Speed : 5.0 Ghz AVX : 2 (4800mhz) CPU core/cach voltage : Offset Mode Offset mode sign : + Cpu Core Voltage offset: .025 CPU VCCIO Voltage : 1.2 I did a prime 95.5 ver. 26.6 stress test with these settings (der8auer settings) and run for 1 hr Min FFt 12 Max FFt 12 run fft in place Under prime 95 stress test ran with no errors and no BSOD that popped out, but with hardware info 64, I saw windows hardware error (CPU Cache L0 - errors = 6) Question is, which one am I going to rely on? Prime 95 or Hardwareinfo64? PC Specification: Motherboard: Rog Strix Z390-e Gaming Proc : 9900ks Cooler : EVGA CLC 240 Vcard : EVGA RTX 2060 Mem : 16GB (2x8) PSU : EVGA 750 G3
  2. What is the non gsync vbios version? So as I can ask the seller for me to get a non gysnc one. Thanks
  3. Hi gurus, Can anyone give me a non-gsync vbios for 1060m? thanks
  4. Hi @Bloetschkopf It seems that there's a success in upgrading the GPU of MSI GT60-Ivy bridge to an Nvidia GTX 1060m. But before i join the bandwagon, I have some questions: - Is the capacitors at the back of the GPU won't hit anything on the motherboard? Because I have read that AW 17 users cannot tighten the screws of the gpu that much due to capacitor issues hitting each other (both mxm board and motherboard). - Can you give me a link on where you got the 1060m gpu? And - Can you also give me the vbios for non g-sync? IVY bridge is not gysnc compatible though... Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon., regards, Omega
  5. Hi @Xonar I would like to ask if it's possible for you to make the unlock bios for the MSI GT-60 (Ivy bridge 3rd Gen) to read the mxm card like 980/970M and the 1060M GTX to be PnP when installing the Nvidia drivers in an OS (windows, Linux)?
  6. If you use that for external GPU then you cannot use a wifi card anymore. making your nb hooked to modem/router
  7. I think you've update the wrong vbios. that one you udpated is the ordinary 970m vbios and not the 970m-G
  8. I have the latest unlock firmware (T19) modded by svet in MSI Forums. The problem is svet won't tell me if the firmware is unlock when it comes to reading the ac adapter wattage of up to 330watts. I know "wattometer" is a hardware that can monitor the consumption of an electronic device which i don't have one. Or anybody that can help me or suggest a site that has a software that can monitor the wattage of a nb. Thanks
  9. Just made the move with ver 2 With this setting (200 core and 200 on mem speed), the result shows 7k plus with firestrike. And my proc is only 3610qm See Pic below
  10. Good News people! Nvidia 361.75 drivers is out! This new driver is game ready for Rise of the Tomb Raider and Tom Clancy’s The Division (Beta). ..... Bad News... the vbios mod for 9xxm cards is still not working for the latest NVidia drivers... I wonder if when are you going to release your beta vbioses?
  11. Thanks Prema.. I hope you release that new vbios you have cos you said that those vbios doesn't need any driver modification thru ".inf".
  12. @Prema Do you have a vbios fix for the 9XXm gpu's for the 36xx NVidia drivers? I saw in one of the forums that you already have but still waiting for NVidia to fix first their drivers? Or lease you'll post this fix vbios?
  13. I've been trying to look/search for people or rather members in forums like this one who could help me find out on how to check the ec firmware for my GT model. I want to find out if it is possible to modify or edit the firmware in reading more than 180 watts. I have a 240 watts dell adapter that runs with my NB but I don't know if the ec firmware is locked to read only of up to 180 watts. Or is there an app that can read wattage from the adapter? I hope somebody here can help me out. Thanks
  14. @Prema Is it possible if you can mod the firmware of my MSI GT60-one (16F3) ? Can you check or edit if it reads more than 180watts from the ac adapter. I want the ec firmware to read to 240 watts up to 330watts if possible. I'll donate if you can mod it thanks. 16F3_19custom_ec.rar.rar or http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=98561493985613737667
  15. Why is the AC adapter 120 watts only? Desktop processor plus 980m gpu is enough for a 120 watts?
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