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  1. It depends on your notebook model. If you have to ask this question, don't flash the BIOS.
  2. If you have black screen from messing with the memory options then all you need to do is reset the CMOS battery.
  3. Yes, you can raise TDP limits/times with the unlocked BIOS. You will also need to use ThrottleStop.
  4. UEFI is an implementation, not a "new" BIOS. Check in your boot order in BIOS if you see "UEFI". You can always buy a ES/QS CPU as they are much cheaper.
  5. Maybe @svl7 can help out here. I know the 7970m will work in the GX660, I guess it's a matter of vBIOS at this point.
  6. 1. Very few companies publish drivers as soon as updates are available. This is why I go to the part manufacturers website and downloading the latest drivers is always recommended. MSI has had BIOS updates for the 16F2 every 2 months; I know this only because I had to go through the pain of unlocking everyone of those revisions. 2. I will agree that MSI is a slow company. But, there are many positives you haven't taken note of. With the Sandy Bridge recall/fiasco, they offered a free one year warranty, including accidental damage extension (If you registered the notebook within 60 days) on all retail branded G-Series notebooks (Whitebooks not included). This was a bold move as many manufacturers, including the likes of: Sony, Dell, Toshiba and Acer did nothing. IIRC, HP extended the warranty for one year as well, but not accidental. Also, many users that had 570M/580M GTXs in their notebooks and opted to overvolt them for better overclocks ended up burning their GPUs. MSI only asked for the GPU back and sent a brand new GPU just for the cost of shipping. I don't know of a single company that will gladly take a burnt GPU (That's worth $400-$500 at the time) and replace it for no fee. I'm not saying MSI is above the rest of the crew but they do take care of their customers much better than the big box brands. HP support is pathetic. I returned my laptop within 30 days because it was unusable with their drivers. The only good thing they have going is a 30-day no questions asked full refund. MSI also builds some long lasting machines with proven cooling and includes stuff like: 4 RAM slots, XM-CPU support, MXM slot (That supports upgrades), 2 HDD bays (or 1 bay and 2 mSATAs) + ODD, 1080p STANDARD screens, etc. The best part is your paying much less than what Clevo/Alienware charge you. If anything MSI was the one to raise the bar for specs per price, while I'd say Alienware has done the same for warranty support.
  7. Hey there. I'm running 2920xm and 6990m just fine on a 150w PSU. The 7970m draws less power so you should be fine. Shut downs won't be an issue, I'm running my 65W with a 6990m and have yet to get a force shutdown. Although, I will get forced shutdowns if I run on only battery. For the upgrade you will need a GX660 heatsink and dremel. You may need ThrottleStop to prevent CPU throttling. A modified BIOS is not necessary if you already have the UEFI boot option but it will unlock your CPU TDP so it can turbo longer. No harm really in having more performance. I do believe your CPU maybe a bottleneck in certain situations. Perhaps finding an ES 2920xm or 2860QM might be a wise investment. Cutting a hole won't make a tangible difference. The fan draws air from the keyboard, not the bottom. It's up to you really. Ebay is your best bet for those obscure parts. The 770m GTX works in this notebook so that's an alternative.
  8. Naming the programs is certainly allowed. Just don't tell people to go register to "xx" because of some contest or giveaway. If it feels like you are trying to get people to buy a product or join a competing website, it's probably advertising. We do allow honest discussions about our competitors and their products, just don't try to sell it for them. Sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk 2
  9. 770M works in the 16F2, should work in the 1761.
  10. Yes enabled iGP when your notebook doesn't support it will kill it. You will need to do a blind BIOS flash. This has nothing to do with the vBIOS.
  11. Throttlestop with the appropriate settings will solve this problem. StarCraft 2 is heavy on the CPU. Sent from my HTC Sensation
  12. No you can't disable optimus.
  13. Meh it's tough to compare desktops to laptops. Both have their advantages/disadvantages. You just have to pick which one suits you best. I'm not sure about the GT70, but for my 16F2 I am able to edit the EC and change my fan speeds and temperature ranges, so when I'm not gaming the notebook is whisper quiet.
  14. FYI I'm gonna go ahead and sticky this. Don't know why it wasn't in the first place. Thanks Prema.
  15. Hi Samual, I've created a new thread for you to ask your question. You'll get more/better responses this way and keep the developer threads cleaner. I personally use ICD24, but have also found Artic Cooling MX-2/3/4 to work great as well. I feel like AS5 is an average paste compared to today's market.
  16. How could you flash the BIOS with only 2 posts? Care to elaborate?
  17. No, only load times between scenes/maps will be shorter for games. There is no FPS gain.
  18. You can always get a 7970m and mod the heatsink.
  19. Its for Trinity. Please stop spreading misinformation. There could be regional differences that may cause the incompatibility. Ive never even opened up the Richland BIOS. We had a member flash the modified BIOS the first week that it came out. It was Meaker. You can find his results in this thread. Sent from my HTC Sensation
  20. To the people that bricked your systems, do you have a Richland APU or Trinity? Sent from my HTC Sensation
  21. "In theory" is the key phrase. It's basically trial and error. No one can pin-point a reason as to why it works or doesn't.
  22. Great questions. I don't know any of the answers. I haven't bothered using Windows 8 for more than a day on my 16F2. Maybe make a new thread in the MSI forum and hopefully someone else can answer.
  23. @stoja I can't tell from that picture. Could you zoom out? If you don't see the cable there then it is on the other side of the motherboard. @Dlob708 Do you have a MSI branded GX60 or a whitebook? If you have a bad firmware flash you need to RMA the laptop.
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