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  1. I wanted to give a quick update to the previous post that I left because it helped me. I did not remove the battery to help cool the M14X because I thought it would be a pain to undo the bottom 2 screws, remove the back, and then remove the battery every time I thought I would be maxing out the system. However, I did try turning off turbo boost AND setting the Processor Power Management setting from 100% to 99% (make sure you are using the balance plan, not the maximum performance plan). I played BF4 again and the M14X's top temperature dropped from 98 degrees before changing these setting to 80 degrees. I was very happy! I decided to try and turn Turbo boost on again but leaving the Processor Power Management setting at 99% on the balance mode. I played BF4 again and I am pleased to say that the top temperature recorded this time was only 78 degrees max. I suggest if you are having temperature problems, that you try this. It really helped me! I must also say that there was no noticeable difference in BF4. It ran perfectly. Give it a try; you have nothing to lose and you can always set it back the way it was if you're not happy!
  2. I just bought a new SSD and installed everything from scratch a couple days ago. While playing BF4 the next day, my temperature went up about 15 degrees more! I was very happy with the SSD speed but very disappointed with the additional heat. BF4 was causing the M14X to run at a very unacceptable 98 degrees. I thought about returning the SSD but I really want to keep it. As I stated in a different area on Tech|Inferno.com, I already cleaned the fan and changed the heat sink paste. That dropped my temperature 15 degrees or so. Now with the SSD installed it went back up to where it used to be. While researching for some answers, in order to keep the SSD, I found that turning off Turbo boost MAY help. Another way to help is to lower the Processor Power Management setting from 100% to 99%. The last tip was to remove the battery while the laptop is plugged in and running intensive applications. I haven't tried these tips yet but I plan to try them with the old hard drive and the new SSD. I just thought they might help someone else too.
  3. I saw above that someone suggested to update the Intel rapid storage software for use with an SSD. While checking on some SSD reviews earlier today, I read that it's best to quit using the Intel rapid storage software when using an SSD. Which would be the best thing to do? Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Thinking about upgrading my memory as well as going to an SSD. Is CL9 that much better in speed (especially for gaming) than CL11 memory?
  5. If anyone has experience using the 840 Pro and has also used the Sandisk Extreme 2 SSD, does the 840 Pro performance justify the cost over the Extreme 2? I've read that the Extreme 2 is decent but I have found a good price for it compared to other drives.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new to this website also. I hope this is OK to post this message here. I'm thinking about getting an SSD for my M14X R1. I didn't realize the computer didn't recognize SATA 3 with the A08 BIOS until I read about it a few days ago on the Internet (I currently have the A08 BIOS; 2760QM CPU; 8GB of RAM; 3 GB DDR3 Nvidia GeForce 555 video card; Windows 7 Home Premium). With that being said, and the subject in this forum, is it worth the risk in upgrading my BIOS to A08 Unlocked in order to get the full speed of the SSD? Opinions would be appreciated in making this decision. I hate the thought of buying a new drive and it only running at SATA 2 speed. Thanks P.S. My computer is also out of warranty.
  7. I was having very similar problems with temperatures. While running certain game software, I was getting a scary 98 degrees C. My M14X has been this way ever since I bought the laptop. I left it go and ran it that way for 1 year and 11 months. I couldn't stand it anymore, and I thought that the laptop was almost 2 years old, so I took a chance at fixing the problem. I went to Youtube and typed in M14X disassembly and paused the video as needed, following each step. I finally got to the point where I could change the heat sink paste. The old paste was hard and was not applied well. I cleaned the areas needed and put on new paste. My temperatures went from 98 peak to 82 peak, so it was well worth it to me. The problem finally got fixed. One last note is that I learned to blow canned air from the backside of the computer (Heat sink) and not from the fan side. If you end up tearing yours apart, I think you will see what I mean.
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